Why Does Your Taxi Business Need a Taxi Dispatch Software?

taxi dispatch software
  • Chirag Vaghasiya Chirag Vaghasiya
  • April 14, 2023
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Manually waving at a taxi to travel from Destination A to B is a talk of the past. After the advent of Uber in 2009, digitally it became possible for riders and drivers to connect. It also enabled them with a ride experience that was out-of-the-box by making sure they can choose a ride type of their choice. All these areas in particular have helped act as a source of inspiration for those running an offline taxi business. It has especially given them an impetus to invest in on-demand taxi app development services to automate how they operate and deliver rides.

Talking about the solution, it is known for boosting profits, acting as a source of employment for drivers, and aiding passengers to ensure they remain safe when they book rides.

Do you want to know the other reasons why the software is the need of the hour for those still vying to digitize their operations? We have this covered for you in the article here. Read this comprehensive guide to comprehend the advantages in detail. This will help you in your taxi app development journey enabling you to successfully gain a competitive edge.

What is Taxi Dispatch Software?

A taxi dispatch software or system is a solution that has been created for the taxi business to aid them in allocating ride requests to drivers on receiving them from passengers. This follows next by helping them in automating their operations, keeping a view of profits, and so on. Most importantly, it acquaints them with the areas of concern of their users and gains perspective on tactics to adopt to enhance the way they provide rides.

How Does Taxi Dispatch System Work?

The taxi dispatch system has extremely simple operations. We have explained the functionality of the platform to help you understand how it connects customers to nearby drivers. This follows by aiding them to get empowered with unique ride experiences when they avail cabs from it.

  • User registers on the platform and books a ride after selecting a ride type from different choices available and making payment for it subsequently. Thereafter the ride request gets sent to the taxi business which accepts it.
  • On acceptance, the software shares the ride assignment request with the driver who accepts it while receiving the ride details, information of passengers, etc.
  • The user and driver now get the flexibility to connect.
  • The user receives the impetus to know the real-time location of their ride until its arrival.
  • After the arrival of the ride, the passenger enlightens the driver with the OTP and the latter subsequently verifies it.
  • The ride starts.
  • The user travels to their destination and upon arrival makes payment.
  • The driver and the customer provide ratings and review to one another based on their experience.
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Facts and Figures about On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Let us educate you with these amazing stats so that you understand the potential of the on-demand taxi booking app.

  • The global value of taxi apps is $100 billion in 2023. (Business of Apps)
  • According to IMARC Group, the growth in valuation for the online taxi business will occur at a CAGR of 4.93% between 2023 to 2028.
  • The projected market value for ride-sharing apps will be $379 billion in 2027. (Statista)
  • User penetration rate to go up by 18.3% in 2027. (Statista)

Inherent Features in Taxi Booking App

The on-demand taxi app has three main segments – the customer, the driver, and the admin panel. To enable the three can conveniently connect, it comes with the most unique sets of features.

taxi dispatch system features

Business Model of Taxi Dispatch Software

A business model is known as one of the most effective techniques to take your taxi business to a new path and help it to scale as per future demands. Therefore, when we talk about the on-demand taxi booking app, it goes without saying that they as well incorporate a model to earn more riders. Do you want to know about them? Check the models below.

  • Aggregator model where passengers contact booking system providers for a ride thereupon which the provider gets in touch with taxi operators to make sure that riders get a ride.
  • Ownership model where riders use a smartphone for booking cabs and enjoy a convenient ride experience after the taxi operator or car owner receives the ride request from them.

Revenue Model

The taxi dispatch software implements the following revenue-generating streams to enable it to earn considerable profits.

  • Commission. Charged to divers on the amount that passengers pay for the ride after its completion.
  • Dynamic pricing. This model enables passengers to pay more when rides may be in huge demand.
  • Promotional charges. Here taxi aggregators pay for the promotional activities they perform on the app.

6 Reasons to Integrate Taxi Dispatch Software into Operations

During the pandemic, on-demand taxi apps saw their popularity grow. This trend has continued even now. This has helped it to attain a billion-dollar potential. This makes it crucial to leverage its advantages.

• Services Become Easy-to-Access

Through the taxi dispatch software, you get the flexibility to reach out to more riders alongside helping them to gain knowledge on your offerings. Due to the convenience, it provides in bringing different functions under a single roof, ride services become easily accessible. It equally becomes simple to ensure maximum user retention.

• Maintains Data Transparency

The reports and analytics feature present in the software helps enable data transparency. The feature particularly aids the taxi industry to be informed of locations where taxi apps are most in demand. This follows next by educating them on the number of bookings made in a day, and so on. These factors in the end enable the business owner to take effective decisions.

• Ensures Quick Arrival at Destination

The software includes the Google Maps feature. This enables the drivers to geo-map the riders’ location and use the shortest route possible to reach the location of the passenger. This ensures that customers remain motivated to use your platform when they book rides. This ultimately boosts user retention to take place at the maximum.

• Enhances How Ride Service is Provided

The taxi dispatch system provides the cab business with the flexibility to enhance the way they provide their ride services. As a result of the rating and review feature present within, the business owner can easily get informed of what riders feel about the platform. This supports the taxi business owner in the end to understand the techniques that they need to implement for improving the way they provide rides.

• Streamlines Fleet Monitoring

Monitoring the way your enterprise functions also becomes possible with the aid of the taxi booking app. The GPS navigation feature present in the app allows this task to seamlessly take place. It also makes it possible to get enlightened about long routes if it gets taken by drivers and prevents them from taking those paths. This will give you boosted clarity on the maintenance that your fleet will require, so to speak.

• Boosts Brand Value

The digital age that we live in makes it important for businesses to get the app advantage. People today demand convenience for different activities like traveling, availing meal services, etc. Especially when they want to go from one destination to the other, they want a solution that can enable quick rides. This is where the taxi dispatch software comes in handy as the rider gets a cab simply with a few taps. This is something that helps the taxi business as more customers know about them. This helps to boost their brand value.

taxi dispatch software

Wrapping up

Popular solutions like Uber, Lyft, and Ola have helped the cab business to gain a competitive edge. It has enabled smooth ride booking and hailing for passengers, making it easy for ride-sharing ventures to collect feedback, know about the areas for improvement, etc. It has helped them to also understand the techniques that users implement while booking rides. This has assisted the taxi business in gaining an edge and making its presence felt in the competitive ride-hailing app market. All these factors are enough to depict the importance of investing in taxi app development services.

Hire dedicated developers from a trusted on-demand taxi booking app development company like PeppyOcean to make this possible. And, notice next how the ready-made taxi dispatch software augments value for you in this billion-dollar market.

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