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In this era of technology, it is possible to get everything like at our doorsteps. Like ordering cabs, food, clothes, flowers, handyman services and many more services online, now saloon or barber can also be received while staying back at home. Showcase your salon services, attract new customers, and get more number of appointments with our top-quality on demand salon app development services.

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Well-Known On Demand Barber And Salon App Development Company

Salon apps help you in building an online presence and will market for your salon business without the need of investing any further effort and time. With a clear, simple and appealing uber for salon app for salon business, you can easily captivate the visitor’s mind and convert them from a visitor to a regular customer. With PeppyOcean’s on demand salon app development services, you don’t have to wait longer to get your salon work done. All you’ve to do is to set the location, give your details and you are done!

For picking the best salon services, the uber for salon app can be very helpful. The on demand salon app helps in connecting users with all the types of beauty and salon professionals just with a single tap. PeppyOcean, touted as the best on demand salon app development company aims at offering cost-effective on demand salon app development services to its esteemed clients. Hence, the barber app cost set is very reasonable and any person can afford to own a barber app.

To enable your app users to use the app without any difficulty, our salon app developer makes use of advanced technologies and integrates interactive Uber for barber app features making the app a handy source to locate the nearby salon service providers. or streamlining business activities, managing customers efficiently and for maximum growth scope, you must look for on demand barber app development services and build one app for your business.

  • list services

    List Your Entire Services

    The entire list of services can be maintained easily within the Uber for barber app, through which you can let your customers know about the services you offer.

  • deal and offers

    Deals & Offers

    With this feature, you can stay in touch with the app users and notify them from time to time with special deals, promotions, offers, and discounts.

  • booking

    Booking From Anywhere

    The customer can book salon services from anywhere and save the time that he would have wasted while sitting in the salon and waiting for his turn to come.

  • online payment

    Cashless Payment

    The app offers cashless payment as it accepts debit/credit card payment as well as has other online payment options integrated via which the customers can pay.

  • mobile reservations

    Mobile Reservations

    Enables the clients to make reservations as per his convenience for any salon service after viewing the vacancy for that service via the built-in calendar.

  • style list

    Style Libraries

    Using this feature, numerous funky and trendy styles and haircuts can be displayed for encouraging the customers and letting them try something different.

How Does Our Uber for Salon App work?

The success of your idea is our success. By carving your imagination with our pro salon app development services, we help you achieve faster and better salon or barber app for your growth. To make sure that the uber for salon app works seamlessly and meets all the requirements of the user, salon expert, and the admin, we have designed the app using our profound app development experience.

  • easy signup

    Easy Login/Signup

  • search salons

    Search Salons

  • book appointment

    Appointment Booking

  • accept or reject request

    Accept/Reject Request Booking

  • online payment

    Easy Payment

  • rate and reviews

    Rating & Review


Customers can easily register through the app utilizing their email id or mobile number or sign in using the credentials or directly through social media accounts.

Customers can search the salon by typing the name in the search option. The advanced filter allows the customers to locate the nearby salon professionals matching their beauty service requirements.

Customers can book the service by just a single tap on the ‘Book now’ button and the services for the specified timings can be booked. Customer can also schedule their salon appointment.

The salon owners have the option of accepting or reject a booking request depending on the availability of staff members or beauticians. If the request accepted by the salon owners, a notification will be sent to the customers.

Customers can pay easily with multiple payment options available in the app such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallet, cash or other payment gateways.

The customers can provide feedback in the terms of rate & review for the service they received, which other customers can view before booking the appointment.

Customer App Features

With our on demand barber app development services, you can have an exceptionally designed user app for your customers. The user-friendly features of the app give immediate access to the users so that they can keep on checking for deals and discounts and schedule their bookings for salon services as per their convenience.

customer app features
  • Easy booking

    No more hassle of going to the salon to book appointments. The users can straightaway book appointments for salon services instantly through the app.

  • Choose the salon services

    With the catalog provided for the services and treatments offered, the user can choose the desired services and book for them.

  • Help

    A complete guide on how to use features so that the user doesn’t miss out any single functioning of the incorporated features.

  • Schedule Bookings

    The user can track available time slots in their preferred barbershop and schedule his booking for a future date.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    User can give ratings to the salon professionals on the basis of his/her experience on services received.

  • Notification

    With this feature, the user gets a notification for upcoming appointments, deals, discounts, etc.

Salon Professional App

Our uber for salon app has been brilliantly designed with easy to use features, enabling the salon service provider to update his profile, track his upcoming booked services, manage the service requests, calculate his earnings and accomplish many other tasks within the app related to his services effortlessly.

salon professional app features
  • Manage Customer Requests

    The requests of the customers can be easily managed and if the salon professional wants he can accept or decline the request.

  • Manage Catalogue

    The experts can keep updating their catalog by uploading pictures of the services provided by them.

  • Manage Rate Card

    The rate card displays the charges charged by the experts that can be updated with new rates anytime by them with ease.

  • Upcoming Bookings

    With this feature, upcoming bookings can be viewed, and accordingly the experts can make preparations if required so that they can start providing services.

  • Earning History

    The most essential feature that enables the expert to calculate and view the revenues he has earned for a particular day or for a particular month.

  • Manage Availability

    If the salon expert thinks he cannot offer particular services, then he can mention “Currently Unavailable” under those services with just a single tap.

admin panel featues

Admin Panel Features

A powerful centralized and astutely created panel that helps the admin to manage and keep track of all business operations. Enabling the admin to track which salon expert’s services are asked more and whose services have been rated poorly, the feature-rich app entails features created using advanced technology and the right tools.

  • Manage Customers

    The admin has the right to view and manage the information of the customer and if he finds something fishy, he may block or delete a particular customer’s account.

  • Manage Salon Experts

    The admin has the right to view and manage the information of the salon professionals and if he finds something suspicious, he may block or delete a particular expert’s account.

  • View Booking History

    The admin can view all the booked services and see how many of them have been accomplished, pending, or canceled.

  • View Feedback

    The admin can have a look at the feedback received by every service provider and take necessary action to improve the services and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Push Notification

    This essential feature makes it easy for the admin to send alerts to the app users regarding the services and promotional offers.

  • Flash Special Offers

    On wedding and festive season ladies want to look extraordinary. Hence, with this feature, the admin can flash special seasonal or festive offers to notify the users.

What We Deliver

Our strategically created salon app offers complete convenience to your customers and provides them information in regards to opening and closing hours, service charges, types of services offered, etc. Below are the deliverables along with our on demand barber app development service.

  • Customer iOS/Android APP
  • Salon Owner iOS/Android APP
  • Full Functional Website
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Store Owner Web Panel
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Partner Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Full Salon App Source Code
  • 6 Months of Free Support
salon app development package

Our Agile Salon App Development Process

Understanding salon business prerequisites, we ensure that your app is developed in the manner as you have dreamt of. We offer on demand salon app development services following the below-mentioned process.

development process

Technology Stack Used For Creating Salon App

Our programmer’s team is familiar with every frontend and backend technologies such as React JS, Backbone JS, Angular JS, etc. along with server-side technologies such as Ruby On Rails, PHP, etc. and databases like MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, No SQL, MySQL, and many more. We make use of the trendiest technology stack to offer supreme on demand salon app development services.

  • Flutter Flutter
  • React Native React Native
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Swift Swift
  • Java Java
  • Ionic Ionic
  • Firebase Firebase
  • Backbone.JS Backbone.JS
  • Angular.JS Angular.JS
  • Vue.JS Vue.JS
  • Node.JS Node.JS
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS Amazon AWS

Why Should Choose PeppyOcean

While offering on demand barber app development services, we aim at creating eye-catchy and clean UI. Our developed mobile apps are highly interactive, SEO friendly, responsive, and attractive. As a genuine on demand salon app development company, we have built next-generation mobile apps for every screen-size using the best salon app source code for iOS & Android.

    salon app script
  • 1

    Quality Work

    With in-depth framework knowledge, our developers provide you with quality work having awesome design through which you can create your own online brand.

    quality work
  • 2

    Innovative App

    We believe in providing result-oriented solutions. With an aim to provide you more than your expectations we create innovative digital solutions for you.

    innovative solutions
  • 3
    on time deliver

    Timely Completion

    With our relentless working and strong determination, we provide you with timely solutions and complete your project within the predetermined timeframe.

  • 4
    end-to-end solutions

    End-to-End Solutions

    We offer end-to-end solutions like customization, implementation, migration, upgrades, branding, post-launch support, and integration of more features to the existing app.

Payment Gateway Offered

With ample options available like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, and other online payment modes, you can add as much as payment gateways to your app. You can also provide your customers Android Pay and Apple Pay as well as other options to pay. When you hire our on demand barber app development services, do let us know what all payment gateways you would need in your app.


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Additional Add-ons Our Salon App

Empower your salon business and start booking online appointments using our beautifully designed app with super-intuitive features. Below are a few additional features that you can get included in your salon app source code for iOS & Android.

payment option
Dynamic Invoicing System

In this cashless payment era, the salon app is no exception. Different payment options integrated by us into the app such as e-wallets, debit, and credit cards.

Reviews & ratings

From this feature, the customer can review as well as rate the barber services together with providing positive or negative feedback on the basis of the services received.

gps tracker
GPS Tracker

With this feature, customer can easily find the correct path towards your salon and locate it before the appointment time without any hassle. This is a vital feature in the salon app.

Important Reminders

Reminders regarding the appointments can be sent, which will gain user’s confidence & avoid their shifting to other salon owner app.

check ratings
Prior Rate Knowledge

Customers always prefer to know the rates of the salon services prior to booking an appointment. This feature provides the customer with the rates for every offered service.

book appointment
Fixing Appointment

With just a single tap, the availability status for any specific salon service can be seen and appointments can be booked, managed, and tracked.

Reputed Company With Happy Clients

PeppyOcean is a top-notch barber app development company providing high-quality, scalable, interactive, and robust app development services. This is what many of our clients say about us.

happy clients

Frequently Asked Questions

It has been noticed by us that there are many customers who desire to hire our development services, have similar queries. For answering those queries, in this section, we have listed some of the frequently asked questions that our experienced experts have answered.

How much time does it take to complete a project?

Normally, it takes from 2 to 3 weeks to develop a business level app. Generally, the project duration depends upon the features that you would want to integrate and on the app’s complexity as well.

Do you render maintenance services? 

Yes, we do. From app conceptualization to its post-launch, we provide complete maintenance and support services so that your application is bug-free and functions smoothly.

What are the additional efforts required for building an application for tablets? 

No extra efforts are required for building an application for tablets. Only the screen resolution will have to be adjusted as a tablet is having higher screen size and resolution when compared to those of a Smartphone.

Can I add some more features after my app has been launched?

Yes, you can get updated and modified your app with additional features by paying a little extra. Contact our concerned team to know more.

How can I know my project’s status?

The project manager will remain in touch with you throughout the project development period. He will send you a daily project report through which you can know your project’s status.

Client Reviews

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others.


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