On Demand Delivery App Development Services

With the rising digital trend, apps have become a necessity to survive in this highly competitive world. Do contact us and know about the procedures of how to build a delivery app, if you too want to step into the digital market with an exclusive on demand delivery app. You need not worry about the Uber for delivery app cost, as we offer cost-effective on demand delivery app development services.

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Top-notch On Demand Delivery App Development Company

At, PeppyOcean – a fantastic on demand delivery app development company, we possess broad knowledge and profound knowledge in the app development sphere. Our delivery app developers have delivered plenty of unassailable and outstanding digital solutions using which many of our clients are performing lucratively in their particular arena.

Having developed a food delivery app, courier delivery app, grocery delivery app, pharmacy delivery app and etc., our ever-evolving solutions have helped many enterprises restructure their business as per the digital demand of the current time period. Our developers have performed deep analysis and followed international coding standards to develop multi delivery app development services.

Our enterprise-level multi delivery service app development solutions offered via which you can overcome the traditional business operating culture and successfully flourish in this digital era. With simple and easily accessible features, you can clinch numerous customers and enhance their shopping experience. Boost your app’s usage and your business profitability by integrating these essential features into your app.

  • easy checkout

    Easy Checkout

    Enables the customer to make payment together at the end without the need of paying one by one for every item.

  • add to cart

    Add To Cart

    One of the best features enabling customers to add selected items to the cart and view at the end all the items before confirming the purchase.

  • mark favourite

    Mark As Favorite

    The customer can mark a particular service or product as a favorite so that he need not have to search for that again and again in the future.

  • in-app calculator

    In-App Calculator

    As the customer keeps on adding items to the cart, the in-app calculator displays the total shopping amount making it easy for the customer to know about the total spending.

  • customer support

    Customer Support

    In case, an app user finds difficulty in understanding a particular feature’s use or is unable to find a particular feature, with customer support feature, he can get complete assistance.

  • discounts section

    Enticing Discount Section

    This is one of the best features that provide information about upcoming and current deals and discounts and helps the app owner in gaining maximum customer attention.

How Does Uber for Delivery App Work?

Boosting your business profitability by using our viable on demand delivery app development services With utmost care and deliberately every app feature has been designed and integrated, ensuring it encompasses every feature that needs to be present in an ideal on demand multi delivery app for its smooth functioning.

  • Easy Registration

  • Choose Delivery

  • Book Request

  • Accept Request

  • Payment Option

  • Rate & Reviews


Customers can register in the app via email id or mobile number or can directly login through social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

After successful login, customers can select the delivery service from the app either it food delivery, grocery delivery or courier delivery & many more.

After selecting the preferred delivery service, customers can book the request to the delivery boy. Here, customers have to provide delivery details like pick-up and drop-off locations.

After booking done by customers, the request will be sent to the delivery boy and accept the request. After that, the delivery boy will go to the pick-up location, pick the order and head to the customer’s location to deliver the order.

Customers can pay for their delivery services via multiple payment options integrated into the app like credit/debit cards, in-app wallet, COD, etc.

Customers can rate the delivery boy out of 5 based on the service they receive and leave their feedback.

Customer App Features

From signing in to selecting items and making purchases, we have developed the multi delivery clone app with 100% user-friendly features so that the user can with ease understand each app feature and operate it effortlessly. The app incorporates features like sign up, search for product details, fast checkout, easy payment options, etc.

customer app features
  • Easy Signup

    The user can sign-up via various ways like by providing social account credentials, email id or sign-up using his phone number.

  • Search Products

    From the plethora of options available on the app screen, the user can search for the required services or products in minutes.

  • Cart

    As the user keeps on selecting the services or products, he can add them to his cart and at the end cross-check all of those and make the final purchase decision.

  • Schedule Delivery

    As per his/her convenience, the user can schedule the delivery date and time.

  • Tracking

    Enables the user to track his order all the way from the place of dispatch to its final destination. The tracking feature provides the user with the delivery status, ETA and delivery route.

  • Manage Order

    If the user wants to cancel or reschedule the order, he can do so with ease via this feature.

Store Owner App

With all the necessary features arranged immaculately, the store app enables the store owner to carry out customer order related tasks like receiving the order, responding to the same, assigning delivery jobs to the delivery boy, tracking him, keeping an eye on the order status and much more with complete perfection and hassle-free.

store owner app features
  • Notifications

    Via notifications, the store owner can regularly intimate the customer about the order’s status and gain customer’s confidence.

  • Rating and Feedback

    Ratings and feedback provided by the customer can be viewed from here and from those feedbacks the store owner can know about his provided services.

  • Receive Orders

    Whenever an order is placed by a customer, the store owner gets notified of this feature.

  • Acceptance/Rejection

    As per the availability of the products or sources, the order can be accepted or declined instantly.

  • View Order Details

    Complete order details like quantity, date, time, delivery address and much more can be viewed directly through this feature.

  • Track Order Status

    Status of every order such as fulfilled, pending and declined can be tracked with a single tap on this feature.

Delivery Boy App

Aware of the technical knowledge a normal driver possesses, we develop the delivery clone app with easy to understand and highly interactive features so that they do not face any problem while operating the app. Be it from receiving order notification to getting navigation help to get directions towards the delivery location, every feature has been crafted with best-in-class technology to offer optimum support and convenience to the drivers.

delivery boy app features
  • Manage Profile

    The delivery boy can manage his profile by adding his name, photograph, contact address and number and upload necessary documents easily.

  • Accept/Reject Request

    The delivery boy has full authority to accept or reject the order on the basis of his willingness to work.

  • In-App Call/Chat

    To get the exact direction to the customer’s location or to know anything in context to the delivery, the delivery boy can chat with the customer within the app.

  • Booking History

    Drivers can track the entire booking history including the canceled ones.

  • Navigation

    For quick and hassle-free delivery, the delivery boy can take the help of this GPS based navigation feature to find the path easily.

  • Earning History

    Complete access to check anytime the earning details – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

store owner app features

Store Owner Panel

Managing the store of the profile, categories, earnings, adding and deleting items, accepting/rejecting requests and many more can be accomplished via our well-designed store owner panel. With the help of easily accessible features, the entire store can be handled systematically and easily.

  • Manage Profile

    With complete data on the screen, the store owner can manage his business profile in a better way and update the profile with essential data.

  • Update Service/Products List

    As per the end user’s demand, the store owner can effortlessly add or deduct products/services anytime.

  • Order Alerts

    Real-time notification can be received the moment the customer places an order.

  • Manage Orders

    Under-process, in-coming, dispatched or scheduled, all the orders can be managed seamlessly and without any hassle.

  • Earning History

    To ascertain the business profits, the earnings can be checked as many times on a daily or weekly basis or on the basis of orders.

  • Manage Availability/Unavailability

    Availability or unavailability of a particular item/service can be managed with ease just by an Available/Unavailable toggle.

admin panel features

Admin Panel Features

Managing basic yet vital things for the smooth functioning of the venture, the admin needs a robust and powerful dashboard. We have created this admin panel diligently so that it meets the industry level standards and permits the admin to execute every business-related tasks efficiently. From this panel app growth and popularity can also be tracked.

  • Dashboard

    With complete access to most of the essential business information and with overall statistics, admin can copiously supervise entire business activities within the app.

  • Manage Associated Service Providers

    From a single place, irrespective of the count, all the associated service providers can be managed effortlessly for maintaining smooth working.

  • Manage Service/Product List

    Holds full right to control the service/product lists by updating their prices, uploading or deducting items/services.

  • Order Tracking

    To ensure the systematic work process is followed; the admin can keep an eye on every single order through the admin panel.

  • Feedback

    The Admin collects all the valuable customer feedback from here and takes action on it for improvising the customer’s experience.

  • Delivery Service Area

    On the basis of the targeted area, the delivery service area can be set (either expanded or contracted) anytime with a few taps.

What We Deliver

Quality has been never compromised and we believe in delivering lively and vibrant on demand delivery apps that run smoothly on every platform and can be modified or updated as per your business requirements. If you are looking forward to building an feature-rich all type of delivery clone app, then feel free to contact us.

  • Customer iOS/Android APP
  • Delivery Boy iOS/Android APP
  • Full Functional Website
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Delivery Boy Web Panel
  • Delivery Company Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Full Delivery App Source Code
  • 6 Months of Free Support
delivery app script

On Demand Delivery Service App Development Process

At our multi delivery app development company, our developers start project development from the scratch following a simple yet agile development process with an aim to offer our clients a hassle-free on demand delivery app development services.

on demand delivery app development process

Our Technology Repository

We at PeppyOcean – a top-notch on demand delivery app development company, emerge with the most up-to-date technical specifications so that you can explore the actual importance of having an on demand delivery service app for delivery.

  • Flutter Flutter
  • React Native React Native
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Swift Swift
  • Java Java
  • Ionic Ionic
  • Firebase Firebase
  • Backbone.JS Backbone.JS
  • Angular.JS Angular.JS
  • Vue.JS Vue.JS
  • Node.JS Node.JS
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS Amazon AWS

Why Should Choose PeppyOcean?

Our motive is to provide our customers with highly scalable, user-friendly and robust solutions; hence we offer out-of-the-box delivery service app development solutions that make us stand apart from all other app development companies. Our knowledgeable and certified programmers make use of the latest technologies and tools required for developing a terrifically multi delivery app source code..

  • 1

    Flexible Solutions

    Along with customized multi delivery service app development solutions, we expertise at creating robust code that would enhance your sales as well as ROI.

    flexible solution
  • 2

    Matchless Support

    Offering matchless support is what in which our specialty lies. We are available 24*7 to provide you optimum support and solve your queries as we take this as our responsibility from the very moment we sign a deed with you.

    24*7 support
  • 3
    timely delivery

    Timely Delivery

    Considering your time’s value, we aim at delivering flawless and scalable Uber for delivery app solutions within the stipulated time frame.

  • 4
    ui/ux design

    Visually Enhancing UI/UX

    Ensuring that the app provides an enhanced experience to the users, we build delivery app source code with designs that are pristine and uncluttered.

Payment Gateway Offered

With plenty of payment gateway alternatives present, provide your customer with complete flexibility so that they can make payments in the most favorable manner.


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Extra Add-ons of Our Delivery Clone App

Features of the Uber for delivery app need to be clear as well as intuitive providing ultimate ease to its users. Apart from having regular app features, to make our app the most exceptional one and to boost its efficiency, we have added some extra features like:

search option
Advanced Search Options

By using filters and advanced search options the users can look for any specific products with ease.

multi currency
Multi-Currency Option

With the multi-currency payment options, even international users can buy products via our Uber for delivery app.


The wishlist feature enables the buyers to bookmark all those items that they would like to purchase in the future.

digital signature
Digital Signature

Making the product digitized in every aspect, the app incorporates this digital signature feature, where the customer can sign digitally on receiving the delivery.

push notifications

The feature not only notifies the customer about the deals and discounts but also provides timely notification from the dispatch of the order to its actual delivery to the customer.

multiple payment options
Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple secured payment gateways like Stripe, WePay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Debit/Credit cards and many more are available to provide complete payment flexibility to the users.

Reputed Company with Happy Clients

The positive feedback from our happy and valuable clients affirms the quality of our application. Our clients keep on sharing their achievements with us that they have achieved via our provided delivery service app development solutions.

happy clients

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried our best to provide answers to all the questions that have been asked frequently by our various clients. If you have anything to ask other than this, please feel free to contact us.

How long will you provide me after-sales support?

Free support is provided for a limited time-period ensuring the end-user doesn’t face any issues. After that, paid support is provided at a very nominal rate.

Can I get my app customized?

Yes, we will customize the app as per your business requirements. Also, you can get it customized even after it has been launched.

Will my app work smoothly on all the three portals – Android, iOS as well as web portal?

Yes. Concerning the platform compatibility feature, we develop our every app.

How long will it take to get my app live on vivid platforms?

Normally it takes 4-5 months to develop an app from scratch and make it live. But, we keep ready-made solutions that you can get customized as per your needs so that it will take less time to launch your app.

How do I track my app’s progress?

One of the developers from the developer’s team will remain in touch with you who will provide you with the app’s daily progress report.

Client Reviews

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others.


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