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Reputed as a leading on demand laundry app development company, we take pride in building a gamut of Uber for laundry app. Transforming business experience to the next level in this digital era, we empower enterprises to evolve and stand up to the service requirements of their customers while expanding their horizons.

  • Unique features
  • Robust functionality
  • Aggregator model
  • Fully automated
laundry app development company

An Eminent On Demand Laundry App Develoepment Company

To make life still more simplified, laundry businesses are connecting their customers through digital platform with the aid of mobile app. It brings the wide variety of laundry services to customers just at the ease of a click. Being best on demand laundry app development company, we provide scalable and ready-made Uber for laundry app as per client’s requirement.

Our uber for laundry app is revolutionizing laundry services with exemplary features that not only enhance the service provided by laundryman but also meet users’ real-time laundry washing requirements. With the ease of in-built features of our laundry service app development, customers can sit back and relax as they can at a click set a schedule for washing clothes, ironing and dry cleaning on demand just at a tap.

If you have a laundry business, seeking to increase customers and generate more revenue, then taking the business online is a next-gen step. Transforming your business to a digital market by developing on demand laundry app makes you available for the customers in the city boosting your orders and returns.

  • app panels

    Dedicated App Panels

    On demand laundry services app users and laundrymen get a dedicated panel for them, provided with the best features.

  • advanced search

    Advanced Search

    With the help of the advanced search, users can easily search laundries on the laundry service app through keyword-based search or location-based search.

  • schedule


    It is easy for users to set up a laundry pickup request for a later date or time with this dry cleaning service app. It is highly beneficial when the user is not available.

  • track professional


    With this feature, users can track the location of the pickup boy, the status of the bundle picked, washed, and dry cleaned or delivered in the laundry service app.

  • set price

    Set Multiple Prices

    Laundry owners or Admin can profusely set various prices for different clothes, bundle sizes, areas of service, and other aspects in the wash and dry service app.

  • split payment

    Split Payment

    With this special functionality, users can simply split payments and pay individually. This spit payment infused in on demand laundry app is offered between more than one person.

How Does Laundry Services App Works?

With our result-oriented laundry app source code, we take your business to new heights. From easy booking, pick-up and delivery at doorstep, to selecting the detergent and type of washing system, the Uber for laundry app does the entire work as per the customers’ requirements. Here is the workflow of our laundry clone app.

  • easy registration

    Sign Up or Log In

  • search launderer

    Search Nearest Laundere & Send Request

  • accept or reject request

    Accept/Reject Request

  • pay online

    Online Payment

  • order delivered

    Order Delivered

  • feedback

    Rate and Reviews


Customers can easily sign up through the app via email or their mobile numbers or can directly login through social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

After login, the customer can locate the nearest launderer utilizing the application and can place an order. Also, schedule a favorable time for pickup.

The laundry man can either accept or reject the request based on their availability. If the request accepted, within some period of time, after the order is placed, a delivery boy picks up the clothes and takes them to the laundry.

After finish the job, customers can pay via multiple payment options available in the application such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, or COD.

After the order has been processed, a professional staff washes dry and irons the clothes. When the clothes are ready, the service provider delivered back to the customer at an appointed time.

Customers can rate the laundry service provider based on the experience & service they got and also give valuable feedback. The launderer can also rate and review the customer.

Customer App Features

Robust and scalable laundry apps are created to offer complete convenience to your customers. The easiest way to do laundry is to use on demand laundry app development services. Inbuilt with exclusive features and high-end user interface, an on demand laundry services app makes the ordeal of clothing washing vanish in a click.

customer app features
  • Register

    The feature offers to register easily just with a few basic details. Users can quickly sign up using social or email account details to the laundry app.

  • Laundry Service

    The app allows users to quickly search for their nearby laundry service providers in their nearby current locations.

  • Select Laundry Store & View Price

    It enables users to select the store from where they want to get any laundry service at the most competitive price.

  • Pickup & Delivery Date

    Users can easily select the service requesting a pickup date and selecting the delivery date after checking on the prices.

  • Tracking

    With Google Maps infused into the laundry app source code, users can easily track the laundryman and get the status via GPS.

  • Order Status

    This feature helps users to view where their order is at present. Whether it is in a process, or in transit for the delivery, it is easy to view and check.

Laundry Man App Features

The simple functioning of the laudry man enables every laundry men to access the app with ease. Enhanced with various features for meeting varied laundry services, this app offers imperative dry cleaning solutions to a huge customer base.

laundry man app features
  • Sign Up

    Looking to join the league of laundry man, he can easily sign up just with few simple steps. Providing basic information like name, address, location, etc.

  • Order Request

    With this functionality, a laundry man can view the service request of the customers. They can easily view the location of the request made whether nearby them or not.

  • Accept/Reject Order Request

    Based on their decision, the laundry service provider can either accept or reject the order request. It depends on them how they want to address the request.

  • Manage Laundry Charges

    On demand laundry mobile app service provider has complete authority to set the prices according to their service.

  • Manage Offers & Discounts

    With the ease of this feature, a laundry man can handle the offers and discounts for their service reviewing the other laundry service providers.

  • Review & Ratings

    Laundry service providers can improve their performance by looking at the reviews and ratings provided by their customers.

admin panel features

Admin Panel

Laundry app is one such addition that makes life simplified. Where customers are looking for a full chain of services for washing, Uber for laundry app brings the complete solution. Laundry services app is equipped with a fully functional panel for handling various things from managing laundry man requests to accepting customer service orders.

  • Management of LaundryMan

    Easily helps to manage the activities of the laundryman under the admin panel.

  • User Management

    This special module helps to manage all the activities on uber like laundry apps easily.

  • Laundry Category Manager

    The admin panel helps manage the varied categories of different kinds of products and services, and each category has a manager.

  • Manage Commission

    With this section, the Laundry service app can effectively manage the commission of the users and payment of the partners.

  • Content Management System

    All the required content delivered to users and service providers is managed and maintained to track under the admin panel.

  • Analytics

    The admin has the functionality to track the total number of users, active users, and service partners to maintain the data for future business growth prospects.

What We Deliver

To make the on demand laundry app run smoothly without any hassles, we add in various parameters, modules, and add-ons. With different panels in the laundry app, it becomes easier at both ends to meet receive and provide the services.

  • Customer iOS/Android APP
  • Laundry Man iOS/Android APP
  • Delivery Boy iOS/Android APP
  • Full Functional Website
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Launry Man Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Full Laundry App Source Code
  • 6 Months of Free Support
app package

Our Laundry Services App Development Process

Being a professional on demand laundry app development services provider, we utilize the best tools, latest technologies along while implementing agile and scrum methodologies; we create a functional laundry app development process that helps to deliver projects in time.

laundry app development process

Our Technology Repository

Advanced technologies help in the growth and development of business enterprises. And, harnessing the power of both traditional and contemporary technologies, we bring in innovative business solutions to meet evolving customer needs. Leveraging the best of latest techniques, we deliver laundry app source code that run seamlessly on the various cross platforms and devices.

  • Flutter Flutter
  • React Native React Native
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Swift Swift
  • Java Java
  • Ionic Ionic
  • Firebase Firebase
  • Backbone.JS Backbone.JS
  • Angular.JS Angular.JS
  • Vue.JS Vue.JS
  • Node.JS Node.JS
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS Amazon AWS

Why PeppyOcean For Laundry App Development?

PeppyOcean provides out-of-the-box on demand laundry app development services that make lives simpler and easier across the globe. We create a successful business to march ahead, turning small names into big brands and bringing in innovative solutions for the next generation.

    laundry app script
  • 1

    Responsive Apps

    Developing unique and extraordinary things, we create magic. We are always bringing solutions that fit best for both customers and businesses.

  • 2

    Global Experience

    Upgrading to global standards, we are experts in developing any size and kind of laundry app. Upgrading to the latest trends, we have delivered revenue-generating business solutions.

  • 3

    Personalized Services

    Each feature can be personalized and enhanced as per the customers’ requirements. Our flexible delivery model empowers our developers to deliver client-specific solutions that best suit customer needs.

  • 4

    Excellent Skill Sets

    Leveraging the latest technologies with excellent skill sets, we build successful apps. Our amazing tech specialists think out-of-the-box to deliver outcomes that maximize returns of all sized businesses.

Payment Gateway Offered

Looking at the target market and business feasibility, at PeppyOcean – the best laundry app development company, we bring a range of payment gateway pathways to instill.


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Beneficial Add-ons of Our Laundry Services App

Our on demand laundry app stands out due to its matchless and highly effective features that are quite a customer-centric. These out of the box features and functionalities has more to offer than what your users can demand.

single tap request button
One Tap Request Button

With fast track life, users are always in haste and look for a one-tap button for quick requests. Thus, with this facility, users can quickly place their requests for laundry cleaning.

multiple payment options
Payment Integration

Customers can make online payments with the support of various modes of payment including cash, credit or debit card, and digital wallet.


Infused with Google Maps, with our laundry app, users can send their location for the service provider to pick and provide them laundry services.

bill estimation
Bill Estimation

The inbuilt bill calculator makes it easier to provide estimated charges for any laundry cleaning. This helps customers to request for the service based on their budget.

laundry station
Favorite Laundry Station

With this feature, users can easily mark their favorite service providers such that they can easily get in touch with them whenever they require the service.

custom notes
Custom Notes

Users can easily add notes according to their laundry service requirements. Whether additional preferences or looking for future service, they can leave a note for their laundry service.

What Our Clients Have to Say?

Our clients are our success stories. With our revenue-generating app solutions, their businesses start moving on the growth trajectory. We are always happy to join their success party and collect the memoirs taking pride in setting new milestones.

happy clients

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide excellent and uniform experience on on demand laundry app development services. Still. If you have any queries or concerns, discover the best answers to your common questions.

Why should I choose PeppyOcean laundry On Demand app services?

With our expertise in trending technologies and hands-on experience in working on varied domain-based projects, we provide exceptional on-demand app solutions.

Will you provide the source code of the Laundry Delivery app?

Yes, we do offer white label on-demand app source code as mentioned in the agreement*.

Do you develop a custom online laundry app development solution?

We personalize on-demand laundry apps according to your business needs and goals.

Will you deliver an on-demand dry cleaning app similar to the demo app?

Instilling the required changes as required, we build on-demand laundry apps similar to the demo app.

What technologies do you partner with for developing the online delivery app solution?

Passionate to work on the latest technologies and harnessing the power of traditional ones, We at PeppyOcean partner with high-end technologies to deliver the best of web and mobile app solutions.

Client Reviews

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others.


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