Customized On Demand Laundry App Development

Whether it is grocery shopping online or booking a cab, next gen people are looking for solutions that make their life simple and easy going. Laundry app is one such addition that makes life simplified. Where customers are looking for a full chain of services for washing, Laundry app brings the complete solution. From easy booking, pick-up and delivery at doorstep, to selecting the detergent and type of washing system, the uber for laundry app does the entire work as per the customers’ requirements. If you have a laundry business, seeking to increase customers and generate more revenue, then taking business online is a next gen step. Transforming your business to digital market with on demand laundry app development services make you available for the customers in the city boosting your orders and returns.

Bespoke Laundry App Development Services

To make life still more simplified, laundry businesses are connecting their customers through digital platform with the aid of mobile app. It brings the wide variety of laundry services to customers just at the ease of a click. Being a professional on demand laundry app development company, we provide scalable and ready-made uber app clone for laundry app or on demand laundry app development services as per client’s requirement. With the ease of in-built features of uber app clone for Laundry, users can sit back and relax as they can at a click set a schedule for washing clothes, ironing and dry cleaning on demand just at a tap. One touch provides access the full range of laundry services from picking up to delivery. Our laundry services app development comes with a full range of features that not only make laundry tasks just easily and quickly accessible but also helps businesses to upscale the revenue.

One Tap Laundry Request

It empowers customers to do other important tasks by handling their laundry work. From washing, ironing to dry cleaning of clothes.

Real –Time Laundry

With the door-to-door facility, uber for laundry app provides an instant service from selecting the laundry service to picking up and delivery of laundry.

Scheduling Services

Laundry on demand app helps customers schedule their laundry pick up, cloth washing, cloth drying and delivery time on demand.

Tracking the Progress

With an enriched feature of tracking, customers can see the progress and track the washing and delivery details of their clothes.

On Demand Laundry Services App Development Exceptional Features

Uber for laundry app churns out revenues for your business in just a cleaner way. Laundry on demand app is developed with robust features from logistic management, keeping up the schedules of pickups and deliveries, setting promotions to multiple payment gateways. It enhances laundry man service meeting users’ real time washing requirements, fulfilling your business growth. With an exclusive range of features, uber app clone for laundry provides users the unique experience of doing the laundry.

  • Customer App

  • Laundry Man App

  • Admin Dashboard

One Click Service Request
Easier than washing clothes, an effective laundry app allows customers to request for service just at a tap.
service request
In-App Payments
Customers can easily pay at their choice with this advanced feature. Whether offline or online, payments are quite helpful. Wallet payment also present for customers.
in-app payments
Track Delivery
Users can easily figure out the status of laundry delivery. They would love to learn the status of their washing.
track delivery
laundry customer app development
customer support
24/7 Customer Support
Customer support is just a call away. Customers can directly contact by calling through app for any query they have related to their washing.
credit cards
Cost calculator
With in-built feature of calculating cost, customers can easily calculate the cost and place the service accordingly.
Customized Pick Up & Delivery Time slots
Giving an option of pickup and delivery time slots enhances your customer experience making them your loyal customers.
Manage Charges
Helps to manage and set charges for various customers as per the changing demands and requirements.
manage charges
Better Invoicing
Customize invoices as per the requirement or text and email invoices to customers as and when you want.
Assign Task Instantly
Laundry can assign task easily. Delegate different tasks of pick-ups and deliveries and washing.
optimizing activities
laundry man app development
accept reject order
Accept/Reject Order Request
Provides complete access to manage real time orders. Can accept or decline order request as per the schedule and requirements.
task assignemn
View Order History
Helps to view order history and manage the tasks accordingly. Provides complete data for better services.
order request
Optimizing Activities
Guide easily your Pick-ups and deliveries over shorter routes and improvise in real time.
  • Scheduling and Auto Assignments
Schedule a pick-up and delivery timings according to your customers time. It is also easy to assign appointments to your pick-up and delivery staff.
  • Set Multiple Prices
With Admin panel, set different prices for different clothes, bundle size, area of service and other criteria.
  • Push Notifications
Send push notifications to app users and laundry men about special events, news and other promotional activities.
  • Fully Automated
Many features can be set easily at a click which allows you much freedom to have your focus fully on generating revenue.
  • View Analytics
Get a complete report of app analytics on app usage, total users, regular customers, seasonal data and more.
laundry app admin panel dashboard

Take The Tech Plunge For The Technologies Involved

The washing App has excellent categories that meet every aspect of customers as well as laundry man. With best UI and UX design, years of experience in iOS and android platforms, we bring in features you want to implement. Leveraging the best of latest techniques, we deliver on demand apps that run seamlessly on the various cross platforms and devices.

  • Programming Language
  • API Language
  • Database
  • swift
  • react.js
    React Js
  • node.js
    Node Js
  • angular.js
    Angular Js
  • Ionic
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • objective-c
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Node.Js
    Node Js
  • Paython
  • Ruby on Rails
    Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • MySql
    My SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • MsSql
    Ms SQL
  • PostgreSQL

Our Laundry On Demand App

On demand laundry app is taking on the world of services to a new level. With our incredible uber like laundry on demand app including exclusive range features, customers can easily navigate and select the service as per their choice. Selecting from picking time to delivery slot, the app offers various features on choosing the washing type, ironing to dry cleaning. The different payment modes make it easy for customers to pay for the laundry as per their convenience. Our uber like one tap laundry app has in-built features of order history, cost calculator, tracking the washing and delivery and SMS notifications.

PeppyOcean is an innovative on demand laundry app development company that brings out-of-the-box solutions such as laundry apps making lives simpler and easier across the globe. Well-equipped with latest tools and technologies, our expert team of on demand laundry app developers deliver exceptional, user friendly and result-oriented on demand laundry service app for small to big businesses and startups.

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Why Choose Us For On Demand Laundry App Development Services?

Well-equipped with advanced technologies, expertise in on demand laundry app development services and hands-on experience on various domains make us top professionals in delivering business specific on demand uber app clone for laundry services. Our talented on demand laundry app developers applies the best tools and technologies to design and develop laundry on demand apps from scratch.

why choose us
Global Experience

Upgrading to global standards, we are experts in developing any size and kind of uber for laundry app. Upgrading to latest trends, bringing top solution and efficient in project management, we have delivered revenue generating business solutions, highly scalable on demand app development services and services for diverse industry verticals.


We provide excellent and uniform experience on multiple apps. Developing unique and extraordinary things, we create magic. Hands-on experience on multiple technologies and zest to leverage new software gives us an edge over our competitors. We always on bringing solutions that fits best to both customers and businesses.

Excellent Skill Sets

Leveraging latest technologies with excellent skill sets, we build successful laundry services app. Our strong and amazing tech team follows structured development methodologies to deliver extra-ordinary laundry services app development that help to generate results faster and maximize returns of all sized businesses.

Personalized Services

Each feature can be personalized and enhanced as per the customers’ requirements. Our flexible delivery model empowers our on demand app developers to deliver client specific laundry services app development that best suits to customer needs with mix of onsite and off-side power-packed features.

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