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With businesses of flower growing at a super-fast pace due to on demand app solutions, we help businesses to tap this unfiltered market through our next-gen flower delivery app development services. Well-equipped with latest tools and technologies, our skilled on demand app developers delivers engaging, user-friendly and result-oriented uber for flower delivery apps for small to big stores, units and start-ups

  • Creative design
  • Exceptional UX/UI development
  • Brand value
  • Significant business module
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Amazing On Demand Flower Delivery App Development Company

Well known as an on demand flower delivery app development company, PeppyOcean offers unprecedented and valuable on demand flower delivery app development services for the flower industry. Our uber for flower delivery app meets the growing demands of changing societies with its special and incredible features. Our team of flower delivery service app development conducted a detailed market research, analyzed the current pain points of the customer and designed the app in such a way that helps you search the items in the nearby store, units and even in bid market. Transforming your on demand flower delivery app development idea into the reality demands in-depth clarity of domain, technical acumen, dedication and passion to deliver innovation.

  • place order

    Placing Order

    This feature allows users to easily place an order by searching for the products of their choice. Just with one tap, order placement is done.

  • schedule delivery

    Delivery Scheduling

    For special events or occasions, customers can schedule a flower delivery for a later time or date by scheduling their requests with the floral delivery app feature.

  • real time tracking

    Real-Time Tracking

    This special feature helps customers and Admin to track the status of orders by tracking the location of the delivery boy and delivery status.

  • online payment

    Payment Option

    Embedded with multiple payment options, the flower delivery service app provides easy access to buyers to pay for their order.

  • split payment

    Split Payment

    The floral delivery app offers this feature where a user can split payments and can pay individually. The delivery app supports split payments between more than one individual.

  • search options

    Search Option

    Users of the flower delivery app can instantly search the florist by their location, the proximity of their location, or using other keywords.

How Does Our Flower Delivery Clone App Work?

With the concept of uber for all today, let your flower business break the geographical boundaries and reach through potential customers across the globe using our on demand flower delivery app development services. Unveil here the step by step work procedure of our flower delivery clone app:

  • registration

    Easy Login & Registration

  • search flowers

    Search or Browse Flowers

  • book or schedule

    Book Now or Schedule

  • request accept

    Accept/Reject Request

  • pay online

    Make Online Payment

  • rate and review

    Rate & Review


Customers sign-up in the app with requested credentials, including email and mobile numbers. They can log in directly via their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Customers can search for flowers or bouquets via the in-app search. Customers can also browse numerous flowers and stores with comprehensive details such as name, cost, quantity, short description, etc.

After selecting the flower and its quantity, the customers can tap “Book Now” for instant delivery. Customers can also schedule the delivery by selecting the flower or bouquet, date & time, etc.

After booking done by the customer, the request is sent to the flower delivery drivers who can either accept or reject the requests. If the driver accepts it, the florist will prepare the bouquet, and the driver will pick it to deliver to the customer doorstep. customers can also track the delivery person.

Customers can securely pay for the flowers via multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, E-wallets, or COD whichever they like.

Customers can rate and review the florist and driver based on the service they received. The driver can also rate the customer.

Customer App Features

For ease of order flowers easily through the app, the customer app constitutes a horde of helpful features for customers. Here they can easily leverage the exceptional features including advanced search options to book for the flower delivery timeline along with customizing their own flower arrangement.

customer app features
  • Search Options

    This feature helps users to find the florists or the flowers they are looking for easily utilizing the multiple filters available.

  • Order Placement

    The section allows customers to easily place their orders however frequently they want. It helps the users to approach your online store more often for their flower delivery.

  • Customization

    The simple process enables users to customize the flower arrangement and fulfill their flower order needs, such as picking up special flowers, adding decorative items, attaching cards, etc.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    The flower delivery clone app integrated with multiple payment gateways offers a seamless payment process for users with the method of their choice.

  • Delivery Schedule

    Users can easily schedule the timing for the delivery of their flowers and location with this feature of the app.

  • Track Order

    The flower delivery app source code allows users to track their orders in real-time by integrating the real-time tracking system into the app system.

Florists App Features

Embedded with a plethora of exceptional features, the store owner app brings custom solutions for florists empowering them to deliver exceptional services. Here they can efficiently access the platform and manage various functionalities/ information related to clients.

service provider app features
  • Easy to Register

    Florists can easily register into this app, by simply signing up with their email or social media account.

  • Quick Order

    The owner view the order request made by the customer. It is easier to view the locality of the request made whether nearby their location or away.

  • Accept/Reject Status

    Depending on the available flowers, location, and other requested order, the florist can accept or reject the order made.

  • Account Overview

    The florist can keep track of all the orders made and deliveries offered by simply going to the account overview panel.

  • Order Status

    According to the seasons or availability of the flowers or pots, owner can provide the requested orders and maintain their order status.

  • Manage Discounts

    Florsist can easily manage the promotional offers and discounts through this section attracting more and more customers.

admin panel features

Admin Panel Features

Well equipped with a fully functional panel, on demand flower delivery service app handles numerous activities from handling delivery boy requests to accepting customer service orders.

  • Management of Delivery Boy

    With functional tools, it becomes easier for Admin to manage and track the various activities of the delivery boy under the admin panel.

  • User Management

    This section enables Admin to handle all the activities on Uber for the flower delivery app easily.

  • Flower Category Manager

    The Admin panel with flower category manager in the app assists in managing different categories of various kinds of flowers and each category has a manager.

  • Manage Commission

    The flower delivery app with this section allows handling the payment to the florist partners and the commission to flower purchasers.

  • Content Management System

    All the crucial content is provided to users and flower service providers and is effectively maintained under the admin panel and CMS laundry software for tracking purposes.

  • Analytics

    The admin panel in this on demand flower delivery app has the access to track the total number of buyers, active users and flower service partners to maintain the data.

What We Deliver

Adorned with workable solutions, the uber for flower delivery app makes the flower ordering and delivery process seamless and hassle-free. The various panels ease the procedures at both ends making providing service and seeking service simpler.

  • Customer iOS/Android APP
  • Florist iOS/Android APP
  • Delivery Boy iOS/Android APP
  • Full Functional Website
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Ownr Panel Driver Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Full Flower Delivery App Source Code
  • 6 Months of Free Support
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Our Flower Delivery Service App Development Process

Leveraging the advanced tools and technical expertise while implying the best Agile and Scrum methodologies, our on demand flower delivery app development services streamline the development process for the faster delivery process.

development process

Our Technology Repository

Being a proficient on demand flower delivery app development services provider company, we catch up with evolving technologies and tools helping businesses to grow and deliver the novel services. Proficient in the latest technologies, we build exemplary business enterprise development solutions to user companies to new heights.

  • Flutter Flutter
  • React Native React Native
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Swift Swift
  • Java Java
  • Ionic Ionic
  • Firebase Firebase
  • Backbone.JS Backbone.JS
  • Angular.JS Angular.JS
  • Vue.JS Vue.JS
  • Node.JS Node.JS
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS Amazon AWS

What We Do

With our in-depth knowledge about technologies, on demand flower delivery app development company PeppyOcean takes pride in providing viable, robust, scalable, and affordable mobile applications, websites, or custom business enterprise solutions.

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  • 1

    Global Clientele

    Leveraging the best features of our flower delivery app lets your floral business expand beyond boundaries and reach global customers. Our on demand flower delivery app development services empower your local business to reach new heights.

    global clientele
  • 2

    Robust Technologies

    With our in-depth knowledge of varied technologies and experience in evolving industry needs, we imply robust technologies to bring the efficient on demand app development services. we build exceptional features and functionalities that enhance the customer experience.

    advanced technologies
  • 3
    custom app

    Custom App

    Being renowned on demand flower delivery app development company, we are well acquainted with varied business needs. And, there to meet your own set of requirements, we bring in customized app development solutions tailor-cut to your specific business needs.

  • 4
    quality assurances

    Quality Assurancec

    Our team of quality analysts and testers meticulously analyze and test each and every developed product/solution by our professionals. With our quality assurance, we aim to meet international industrial standards and deliver error-free and bug-free uber-like flower delivery apps.

Payment Gateway Offered

The changing commerce environment opens up new gateways when it comes to payment. And in response to this, we leverage a range of payment gateway pathways for hassle free payment process worldwide.


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Exceptional Add-ons of Flower Delivery Clone App

Adorned with marvelous features, on demand flower delivery service app eases the shopping and gifting of flowers quite easy binding the relationships and helping them to grow strong.

push notification

This in-app notification sends in real-time alerts and notifications to users and delivery boys about orders, cancellation, delivery status, or special offers.

news room
News Room

Users can easily get the latest updates about the various brands, products in the News Room section. They can even find the deals offered to them.

payroll manager
Payroll Manager

Payroll manager functionality looks after the payments of the delivery boys and floral partners. It helps to provide detailed payment reports easily.

multi currency
Multi Currency

Uber for flower delivery app offers multiple currencies for varied markets, enabling your users to pay in the currency they use.

integration optio
Integration Option

This uber for flower delivery app can connect with wearable devices and helps you to access your activities on the go without the need to have a special device.


The feature offers detailed insight on the activities on your flower delivery app such as users’ orders, delivery locations, delivery partners, earnings, and much more.

Reputed Company With Happy Clients

Our clients are our success stories. With our revenue-generating app solutions, their businesses start moving on the growth trajectory. We are always happy to join their success party and collect the memoirs taking pride in setting new milestones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any queries or concerns, discover the best answers for your common questions

Why should I choose PeppyOcean for On Demand app services?

With our expertise in trending technologies and hands-on experience in working on varied domain-based projects, we provide exceptional on-demand app solutions.

What will be the cost of Uber for the flower delivery app?

Cost varies from project to project. It depends on the features of the app.

Which type of platform does this app support?

This on-demand flower delivery app supports iOS and Android or based on your business requirements.

Will you deliver on-demand flower deliver clone app similar to the demo app?

Instilling the required changes as required, we build an on-demand laundry app similar to the demo app.

What are the technologies the on-demand delivery app solution support?

Considering the latest technologies, the delivery app supports iOS, Android, Windows, Ubuntu, Macintosh, and Web app.

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96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others.


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