Eat24 Clone App

Develop App like Eat24 And Deliver Healthy Food

Gone are the days to toil in the kitchen in the sweltering heat during summers or to start sweating yourself at the thought of a surprise party. With our customized Eat24 clone app, now you don’t have to worry. This also means happiness for the ones in eatery business because of the rising demand for such apps.

eat24 clone app

What is Eat24 App Platform?

No matter where you are, the Eat24 app brings your favorite food to your doorstep. You could choose for restaurants nearby or for something specific that your mood desires and your food cravings will be satiated. Robust, reliable, and secure, Eat24 app is built for seamless and uninterrupted service which can be easily used by the customer, restaurant and the delivery boy.

An Exhaustive List of Restaurants

This app helps you browse through an unlimited number of restaurants according to location, cuisine, mood, or time of the day.

Multi-Language Option

Reliable, and secure, we offer an Eat24 clone app that is diverse in languages depending upon the location and language preference of the user.

Dynamic Payment Options

Whether with simple cash, card or with UPI, payment options are myriad and easy to use. At the same time, payments are secure.

Real-Time Tracking

We used the latest and advanced technology to build the eat24 clone app and real-time tracking feature enables the user to track their order live as well as get an accurate estimation of order arrival.

Why Go for Our Eat24 Clone App?

Because we understand that being unique is a statement and that customers’ needs are paramount. We believe in providing optimal efficiency and diligence at reduced and affordable costs. Available pan domains – IOS or Android, with a user-friendly and navigation-friendly interface, our Eat24 clone app is quite literally the number 1 food delivery app. With our superior and scalable Eat24 clone app development service, you can customize and integrate several features like offers and deals, multi-lingual, order statistics, loyalty programs, ratings/rankings, invoicing system, etc with ease. What’s more, our Eat24 clone app source code allows a smooth integration with social media login with major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others.

What We Do Offer With Our Eat24 Clone Script?

For any project to be successful, it needs to be carefully planned and executed. We ensure that we do all this and more with due diligence and commitment to give you the best results. We have extensive experience to develop apps like Eat24 and have delivered best-of-the-class delivery service apps to suit your needs. There are several factors that give us the edge over others in the game:

    eat24 clone script
  • 1

    Unbeatable UI/UX

    We provide you with exceptionally-crafted UI/UX design services that can assist your application and idea stand out.

  • 2

    Time & Cost Commitment

    We offer a comprehensive suite of Eat24 clone app development solutions with unbeatable price and given timeline.

    time watch
  • 3
    money on hand

    Value for Money

    Our clone app need not be an expensive affair. We understand what your business means to you. Hence, we ensure that you get your desired ROI on the app fast.

  • 4

    24X7 Technical Support

    From initial project scoping to the post production support, we are always there with you. So, when all the hard work’s done, we continue to provide 24X7 technical support to you.

How Does Our Eat24 Clone App Works?

Best quality on demand food delivery application features like in-built calculator, in-app navigation, and order list enable the customer to perform his task hassle-free. We realize that efficiency lies in details and diligence. Besides, the best process that the Eat24 clone app follows, let’s see in detail what the app has to offer.

  • registration


  • find or search

    Discover Restaurants

  • select food

    Select Food and Book

  • card pay

    Payment Option

  • confirm order

    Confirm the Order

  • receive order

    Receive The Order


Customer can sign up through their mobile or email id. By entering mobile number or email id, he/she will get the OTP to verify. The customer can also sign up through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

After a successful logged in, customers can able to see all nearby restaurants with basic details like name, logo, address, minimum order, rates and more.

After selecting the restaurant, customer can able to see available all food items along with details. Customer can also search his favorite food items by manually and book the order.

Customer can pay the amount to the restaurant owner by multiple ways like net banking, credit/debit card, cash on delivery, and in-app wallet.

After placing an order by the customer, automatic notification sent to the restaurant and restaurant confirm the order and prepare the food and give it to the delivery boy.

The delivery boy will pick the order from the restaurant & deliver at the customer’s location. Delivery boy can track restaurant as well customer location in his App.

customer app features

Customer App Features

Customer’s needs are paramount and the first thing to consider when launching an Eat24 clone script. With the customer app, he/she gets to review restaurants and search for a dish of their choice. A good food delivery app gauges the customer’s needs and translates them into efficient and versatile solutions.

  • Customer Login

    Integration with social media ensures that the user can log into via social media account of their preference.

  • Restaurants Listing

    Not just those nearby, but those offering a specific dish at a specific time, it’s all so convenient with the our food delivery app clone.

  • Search Option

    Not just by place or city, users get a chance to search by desired menu and the time of dining. They can search for restaurants nearby or in specified locations.

  • Restaurant Reviews and feedback

    Instead of wasting their time and money on a bad restaurant, users can read reviews posted online by other users and decide accordingly.

  • Track Order

    Our developed Eat24 clone app helps customers perform live tracking of their order as well as get in touch with the delivery person for any details.

  • Payment Options

    Customers get to use payment options per their convenience. They could also use online wallets linked to their bank accounts

restaurant app features

Restaurant App/Panel

Running a restaurant can be chaotic anyway. But, our Eat24 clone app source code makes it all seem so easy by offering features like handling multiple customer orders as well as queries easily and being able to view statistics around how the restaurant is performing.

  • Push Notification

    For orders as well as for other vouchers and discount notifications, our Eat24 clone app enables push notifications.

  • Order Management

    Restaurant owners as well as customers can track their order as well as be able to reorder/cancel their orders.

  • Dashboard

    A great analytical tool for the owners, our Eat24 clone app source code provides a dashboard for the restaurant owners to manage orders as well as analyze order-related statistics like total sales, total delivery time, etc.

  • Capacity Management

    If for some reason like heavy rush times, the order cannot be fulfilled on time or be fulfilled at all, the restaurant can choose to decline the order from the user.

  • Enhanced Image

    The restaurant gets a chance to regularly update the menu and pictures of dishes to catch the eye of the customer and boost their sales.

  • Availability

    Due to peak season or season’s limitations, certain dishes may not be available because of the raw ingredient used. Through this panel, restaurants don’t have to alter the entire menu.

delivery boy app features

Delivery Boy App Features

Not just the restaurants or the customers, delivery drivers too can make use of the application. From an in-built calculator to a navigation system, the delivery person can view order details, address details, his earnings, as well as be able to communicate with the customer.

  • Detailed Profile

    The delivery person can upload basic details about himself including name, contact number, photo, and even hobbies just to keep things interesting.

  • Availability

    The driver can indicate his availability hours or to indicate when he’s not available.

  • Location Tracking

    The Geo-location feature helps the delivery person to navigate to the destination.

  • Communication

    In case of any query related to address, the app allows the delivery person to connect with the customer to get clarification or to know about any shortcuts during peak hours.

  • Order details

    Gone are the days of paper bills. With our robust Eat24 clone app script, order details can be easily viewed and tracked including time/date of order, pick-up and delivery address.

  • Chat System

    Our food delivery app gives an easy communication feature with the customer and the restaurant, a feature great at resolving conflicts especially with the customers at the time.

admin panel features

Admin Panel Features

We believe that ordering food should be a piece of cake and for that, we immerse ourselves deeply in the requirements of the admin and understand their vision. As an admin, you can now run your restaurant business like a king without thinking about how to develop app like Eat24 with our highly scalable platform and thorough technical expertise.

  • Approve Requests

    If you want to expand your business or manage it more efficiently, you could choose to approve or deny requests for new delivery partners.

  • Customer management

    The Eat24 clone script gives you the right analytical edge to assess the customer behavior; you can choose to block a user after repeated order cancellation requests for fake reasons.

  • Dashboard

    Deeper analytic tools help you monitor your profits, revenue, new customer acquisitions, etc.

  • Better Restaurant Management

    With this feature, our Eat24 clone script allows the restaurants to announce the opening of new outlets or closure due to any reason.

  • Order Management

    From placing the order to completion or cancellation, the order management feature helps tracks order status real-time.

  • Delivery Management

    In recent times, it has become a norm for the delivery person to update an online profile about them for the customer to access. This enables them to display their relevant professional experience.

Our Eat24 Clone App Package

From providing an app for customers as well as for the delivery person to making it scalable for Android and IOS platforms, we take it upon us to provide quality service to you. Rest of deliverables are below:

  • Customer App (Android & iOS)
  • Restaurant Owner App (Android & iOS)
  • Delivery Boy App (Android & iOS)
  • Restaurant Web Panel
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Fully Functional Website
  • Billing Panel
  • Complete Source Code
  • 100% Customizable
  • Technical Support
eat24 clone app package

Our Eat24 Clone App Development Process

In this hyper-connected technological era, one can survive in the digital platform only if he has a unique app. So as to provide you with the most unique and interactive solution, we trail agile food delivery app development processes that would for sure bestow success to you.

eat24 clone app development process

Our Technology Repository

Powering apps with the latest and cutting-edge technologies, our food delivery app development team brings up some of the most creative and distinctive solutions. Being constantly updated with the latest technology trends we always keep our apps upgraded.

  • flutter Flutter
  • react native React Native
  • kotlin Kotlin
  • pwa PWA
  • swift Swift
  • java Java
  • Ionic Ionic
  • firebase Firebase
  • backbone.js Backbone.JS
  • angular.js Angular.JS
  • vue.js Vue.JS
  • node.js Node.JS
  • mongodb MongoDB
  • postgresql PostgreSQL
  • google cloud Google Cloud
  • amazon aws Amazon AWS

Payment Gateway Offered

Whether it is about products or about payment options, people always prefer variety. Thus, to offer your customers a variety of payment gateways, you can integrate as many as payment gateways from the below-mentioned options:


Available in Brazil


Available in Turkey


Available in Kazakhstan


Available in Worldwide


Available in Worldwide


Available in Malasiya


Available in Worldwide


Available in Indoneisa


Available in Brazil


Available in India


Available in Worldwide


Available in India


Available in this Country

  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Singapore

Available in this Country

  • UAE
  • Qutar
  • Egypt
  • Lebanona
  • Jordan
  • South Arabia

Available in this Country

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Chile

Available in this Country

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • United States

Extra Features Of Our Eat24 Clone App

PeppyOcean tries to create cost-effective opportunities for its every client; hence focus on building amazing solutions with exceptional features that would not only help our clients in gaining popularity but also in elevating their profit graphs.

In-App Advertisement

You can post the advertisements of other brands on your app and when the user clicks on those advertisements, you can earn revenue.

Digital Wallet

Save the time of your customers by enabling them to pay within minutes through a digital wallet feature where all the banking transaction details can be saved securely.

SaaS-Based Model

Due to SaaS, the user can access the app from any other device that has a web browser and an internet connection.

Multiple Shipping Address

Give ultimate convenience to your customers to send a delivery of the same food order to vivid shipping addresses through this feature.

Social Media Sharing

Enables the user to provide feedback on social sites from within the app and permits them to share the app activities with their friends and family members.

Facial & Fingerprint ID

This feature is very unique and very much secure as the apps can be unlocked just by scanning the face or fingerprints without the need of remembering the password.

Reputed Company With Happy Clients

PeppyOcean was established with a motto to deliver top-notch on demand app development services to our clients and we have been doing this since our inception. We have a long list of satiated and authentic clients that are very much contented with our services and keep sharing their success stories with us.

happy clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we have already laid down the groundwork for you by providing top-of-the-class apps for your business needs, we understand that a lot must be going through your mind as a user or as a business owner. Still, have a query regarding our Eat24 clone app development services? We have provided a few FAQs for you to go through before you get in touch with our representatives.

How to go about installing the app?

You don’t have to worry at all about the installation. Just sit back and relax while we configure your app for you.

Who is the owner of the source code?

You and only you since the data is yours. We only need to host the app on your server.

What about post-production support?

We are committed to providing top-of-the-class service, hence we don’t leave your hand even after final release.

How many restaurants can register on this app?

No specific number, all can register. It can be customized later by you.

Client Reviews

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others.


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