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Start Food Ordering Startup With Our Swiggy Clone App

Millennials prefer remaining in their comfort zone; hence are opting for online food delivery services instead of visiting the restaurants to dine. Grab the opportunity and add such customers to your existing customer list and offer them a wide range of eateries with boundless gastronomies and flexibility to make payment with our commendable Swiggy clone app.

swiggy clone app

What is Swiggy App Platform?

Swiggy is the top-rated food ordering and delivery app, based in Bengaluru, India, and is serving almost all the cities across the country. Embedded with quick search as well as single-touch order placement features, Swiggy is the best-in-class app for users who want to treat themselves to tempting dishes without stepping out of their homes.

Easy Navigation

It can be navigated with ease, thus helping everyone and anyone uses it without much technical knowledge.

Advanced Search Options

With advanced search options, customers can shortlist cuisines on the basis of their taste, item prices and restaurant popularity.


The location of the customer can be detected automatically. Even the location can be detected manually just by entering the details of the customer onto the search bar.

Intuitive Design

With the intention of providing a user-friendly experience, the portal is designed intuitive and responsive.

Why Go For Our Swiggy Clone App?

A hyper-operational app like Swiggy helps you run your online food delivery business lucratively. Understanding the needs of our customers, we design an app that can be used with no trouble, is stable and can be easily customized anytime without hampering the existing features. Our efficiency at the same time terrifically designed Swiggy clone app permits you to carry out your food conveying business stress-free and have upper hand over your competitor. We are a pioneering Swiggy clone app development company offering cutting edge customized Swiggy clone app source code that would help you reach thousands of customers globally.

What Do We Offer With Our Swiggy Clone Script?

With our cost-effective and committed Swiggy clone script we help you in staying ahead of the curve and serving your customers freshly baked, seethed and cooked hot meals in no time without any stress. We have two options, either develop the food delivery app like Swiggy from scratch or offer our readymade app to you. With our readymade product we will launch Android and iOS applications on Play Store or App Store within 10 days.

    swiggy clone script
  • 1

    Free Installation on Server

    Once our Swiggy clone script development task is complete, we install it on your server and make it go live without charging anything extra.

    free server installation
  • 2

    Free Application Submission

    The app that you bought from us is submitted free of cost to the App Store or/and Play Store.

    app submission
  • 3
    bug support

    Free Bug Support

    We consistently work for delivering bug-free supreme quality solutions. On the emergence of bug issues, we provide you free support for a specific time period.

  • 4

    Prompt Support

    Aftr deploying our Swiggy clone app source code, Our support team is always ready to support you 24*7 via any communication channel so that your app functions appropriately.

How Our Swiggy Clone App Works?

Harness the mobile application power with our finely-crafted Swiggy clone app. Ensuring that our app carries out all your business functions accurately, unfailingly and productively, we have embedded the app with advanced yet simple to use features. Have a look the flow of our Swiggy like food delivery app clone:

  • registration


  • discover

    Discover Restaurants

  • find

    Select Food and Book

  • card

    Payment Option

  • confirm order

    Confirm the Order

  • receive order

    Receive The Order


Customer can sign up through their mobile or email id. By entering mobile number or email id, he/she will get the OTP to verify. The customer can also sign up through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

After a successful logged in, customers can able to see all nearby restaurants with basic details like name, logo, address, minimum order, rates and more.

After selecting the restaurant, customer can able to see available all food items along with details. Customer can also search his favorite food items by manually and book the order.

Customer can pay the amount to the restaurant owner by multiple ways like net banking, credit/debit card, cash on delivery, and in-app wallet.

After placing an order by the customer, automatic notification sent to the restaurant and restaurant confirm the order and prepare the food and give it to the delivery boy.

The delivery boy will pick the order from the restaurant & deliver at the customer’s location. Delivery boy can track restaurant as well customer location in his App.

customer app features

Customer App Features

An app is being used by businesses to expand their business reach and enhance their ROI and by the customers to get everything right at their doorsteps. Hence, we make sure that while we develop app like Swiggy it entails all the necessary, highly functional and accessible features so that it serves the purpose of its every user.

  • Customer Login

    Enabling users to login using their social media channels straightforwardly by following only a few steps, the app has been linked with the social channels.

  • Track Nearby Restaurants

    This comprehensible feature permits a customer to track restaurants and cafes situated nearby his saved address or location.

  • Restaurant Profile

    Name, location, specialties, menu along with rate chart and supporting pictures, reviews and many more can be known of any selected restaurant.

  • Search Versatile Items

    Permits a customer to look for versatile cuisines within the app and choose his most preferred item from the options available.

  • Live Order Tracking

    Real-Time tracking permits the customers track down their order live so that the waiting time can become less painful.

  • Multi-Payment Options

    Integration of secured multiple payment portal permits the customer to commence online payment for the orders with much convenience and ease.

restaurant panel features

Restaurant App/Panel

Making it easy for the eateries to reach and feed thousands of customers simultaneously, track/control delivery men, view their order history and carry out a variety of restaurant management tasks, we have poured our huge expertise and set in amazing functionalities into the app.

  • Profile Creation

    Unique profiles can be created by the restaurant owner for his restaurant along with videos and images.

  • Manage Entire Business Info

    This feature enables the restaurant owner to manage his business info such as working hours, contact details and location.

  • Manage Menu

    Edit, add or remove cuisines and dishes from the main menu immediately can be done with ease. Also the prices can be updated when required.

  • Order Alerts

    The restaurant owner can receive alerts for upcoming, new or cancelled customer orders.

  • Manage Orders

    On the basis of the working hours, cooking time and availability of the chefs and staff, the orders can be either accepted or rejected.

  • Customer Details

    From this feature, he can get to know more about the service seekers and their location.

delivery boy app features

Delivery Boy App Features

With our highly developed Swiggy clone app source code, we make the delivery task easy for the delivery boy so that he can deliver the food as soon as possible. Our creatively develop app like Swiggy with intuitive designs enable the delivery boy to access the app with ease.

  • Flexible Login Hours

    As per his discretion, the driver can work for as many hours as he wants and can go off-line when he doesn’t want to work any further for the respective day.

  • Create Detailed Profile

    The driver can upload all his essential and requested documents and create his detailed profile including his name, address, experience, etc.

  • One-tap Call to Customers

    With in-app calling feature, the delivery person can directly contact the customer as and when required.

  • Geo-Location

    This popular app feature, glitch-free, navigates the driver from pick-up location to the customer’s delivery address.

  • Order List

    As and when required the driver can view his complete order list and check his earnings.

  • Chat System

    Chat system permits the driver to contact directly with both the restaurant owner and the customer.

admin panel features

Admin Panel Features

Allowing the admin to observe closely the activities of the app users, activate/update plugins, add widgets, create and manage the contents, change themes and perform many other business related activities, we have nurtured the admin dashboard with best-in-class features.

  • Manage Request of Users

    Being the master of the app, the admin can view the accounts of the restaurant and the delivery boy and have a look at their received feedback on the basis of which he can approve or reject their service request.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Using this panel, numerous sub-admins can be assigned by the admin to assist him and handle the business in his absence.

  • Customer Management

    Admin holds the power to add/remove/edit the profiles of the customer using the admin dashboard. Other than this, they can examine the behavior of the customers via the app easily.

  • Restaurant Management

    Using this powerful admin panel, the admin can monitor as well as manage the restaurants directly and on the basis of the performance can add/remove the restaurants.

  • Delivery Boy Management

    Admin can update the details of the drivers, verify their license and other documents and execute other activities using their dashboard.

  • Order Management

    Managing every order chronologically is not as easy as it appears. This feature presents a detailed of every order (delivered, cancelled, scheduled) commenced within the app.

Our Swiggy Clone App Package

Relying on our versatile industry experience and intelligence, we provide Swiggy clone app development services that restructure your business processes as well as electrify your enterprise’ productivity. Have a look our deliverable list with our product:

  • Customer App (Android & iOS)
  • Restaurant Owner App (Android & iOS)
  • Delivery Boy App (Android & iOS)
  • Restaurant Web panel
  • Super Admin panel
  • Fully Functional Website
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Full Swiggy Clone App Source Code
  • 100% Customizable
  • 1 Year Free Support
swiggy clone script package

Our Swiggy Clone App Development Process

PeppyOcean is into delivering beautiful and high-quality digital products that pass through a rigid development process. Every project is unique in it and demands a new approach. But the basic development cycle through which every app passes have been listed below:

swiggy clone app development process

Our Technology Strength

Backed by every industry competence and wide-ranging technology knowledge, we offer a large-scale suite of food delivery app development services that are commercially viable and technically superior. Making use of cutting-edge technologies like Vue.JS, Node.JS, Angular, React and many more, we build up first-class Swiggy clone script that is fast, compact and can be easily maintained.

  • flutter Flutter
  • react native React Native
  • kotlin Kotlin
  • pwa PWA
  • swift Swift
  • java Java
  • Ionic Ionic
  • firebase Firebase
  • backbone.js Backbone.JS
  • angular.js Angular.JS
  • vue.js Vue.JS
  • node.js Node.JS
  • mongodb MongoDB
  • postgresql PostgreSQL
  • google cloud Google Cloud
  • amazon aws Amazon AWS

Payment Gateway Offered

With multiple payment options, your customer can feel free and use the most convenient mode of payment. From Google Pay, and Paytm to PayPal and Stripe, you have plenty of options; hence equip your app with all these payment options.


Available in Brazil


Available in Turkey


Available in Kazakhstan


Available in Worldwide


Available in Worldwide


Available in Malasiya


Available in Worldwide


Available in Indoneisa


Available in Brazil


Available in India


Available in Worldwide


Available in India


Available in this Country

  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Singapore

Available in this Country

  • UAE
  • Qutar
  • Egypt
  • Lebanona
  • Jordan
  • South Arabia

Available in this Country

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Chile

Available in this Country

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • United States

Extra Features Of Our Swiggy Clone App

The main objective of developing a food delivery application is retaining old customers as well as attracting new ones. For this, the app needs to have certain extra features that could be added later on. The extra features not only boost the popularity of the app but also the right tool to gain customer’s confidence.

loyalty points
Loyalty Program

For booting the loyalty, rewards can be provided to the users via this feature such as membership options, discounts, referral programs for encouraging users to continue using the app, etc.

social sharing
Social Media Sharing

Permits the customers to link the app with their social media profiles for sharing the photos of the food delivered and about the quality of the services received.

SaaS-Based App

With this feature, it is not at all mandatory to use the same device every time to place the orders as the orders can be placed via any device provided it has an internet connection.

AI-Based Chatbot

The users can get real-time support on pre-stored data whenever required despite the time and the day in the form of voice commands, text messages or both.

multi language
Multiple Language

Wider groups of app users can be reached all over the world with this feature that offers multiple languages amongst which the preferred language can be chosen with ease.

multi currency
Multiple Currency

With this feature, you get an option to expand your online business globally as when services can be purchased in the local currencies by the users, they will tend to use the app more.

Reputed Company With Happy Clients

PeppyOcean was established with a motto to deliver top-notch on demand app development services to our clients and we have been doing this since our inception. We have a long list of satiated and authentic clients that are very much contented with our services and keep sharing their success stories with us.

happy clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you upload my application to the Play Store or/and App Store?

Yes, definitely we will upload your application to the Play Store or/and App Store as this is included in the development services offered by us. We will submit your app for review as well as approval. As we hold wide experience in developing and deploying applications to different stores, we can do the uploading task easily and you can sit back, relax and use the app once it is uploaded.

What about post-development support? Do you provide that?

We provide free technical support to our customers for three months once the app is developed and deployed. This will give you a satisfactory feeling that we are there to help you in resolving the errors that could pop-up after launching the app on the Play Store or/and App store.

How can I receive my clone app after purchasing?

Our support section representative will contact you and ask you whether you would prefer to get the link for downloading the script’s source code or would like to get it deployed and configured on your server by our developers. Complementary deployment and configuration services are offered by us. Note, deployment is completely free for cloud servers like IBM, Google, AWS, etc. and will take from 24 – 48 hours to deploy your script.

What will be the app development cost? Will there be any hidden charges?

We purely believe in being as transparent as glass and ensure that we will be loyal until the end of the project. Our project cost quotation will be the same as mentioned in the deed until and unless there are any changes. The cost of the app development totally depends on the functionalities and features that you would like to include in your app.

Why should I hire your app development services for my upcoming project?

Our programmers have whetted their expertise and accumulated unmatched talent by working on a diverse range of projects for different industries. Possessing superior understanding and a firm grip over cutting-edge technology, we have developed innumerable apps for reputed brands globally.

Client Reviews

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others.


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