This is How Bike Sharing Apps Bring a Transformation to the World

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Are you planning to start your bike-sharing startup embracing bike sharing app development? Yes? The article is for you then.

Regardless you live in any part of the world, this idea is slowly and steadily gaining momentum. This is due to the reason that it allows customers to access bikes on the go and enables them to travel to their desired destination with utmost convenience causing zero effects on the environment. Hence, in short, it is a very unique business idea indeed.

Therefore, if you are new to the game, the article is for you. It will offer you the guidelines for performing bike sharing app development like a pro so that you can become part of the billion-dollar bike-sharing services market.

Global Market Value of Bike-Sharing Services Market

  • Revenues are currently $7.96 billion in 2022.
  • Growth in profits is expected at a CAGR of 11.48% between 2022 to 2026.
  • Projected market volume to become $12.29 billion by 2026.
  • User penetration to go up by 11.8% by 2026.
  • Number of users to become 930.3 million by 2026.

Statistics source: Statista

Check out the graph below to take a glance at the growing user penetration rate for the solution.

bike sharing revenue

Image source:

Now, have a look at the below map to get a glance at the countries where the concept is witnessing gradual popularity.

bike sharing comparison

Image source:

Through these attractive numbers, you must be wondering what has been significantly responsible for these valuations in the first place. The answer to this is bike sharing apps.

Here’s giving you a list of the best bike sharing apps that have transformed the fortunes and the way users travel from one location to the other.

Top Bike Sharing Apps

best bike sharing apps

1. Ofo

Founded in 2014, Ofo is a Beijing-based bicycle-sharing app that uses a dockless system to unlock and locate bicycles nearby and upon finding them get charged per hour for it.

Having extremely easy operations, the app allows customers to unlock and use a bike simply through the use of a QR code. Upon scanning it on the number plate of the bike, the user receives the flexibility to unlock the bike and travel to their desired destination with utmost comfort and convenience.


Started in 2012, BLOOM makes it easy through its platform to provide customers access to shared bikes, scooters, electric vehicles, etc.

All that customers have to do is enter the platform and add their location details. Once they perform this, they get access to the closest ride. Thereafter they can simply scan the bike on reaching the location to unlock it so they can travel with convenience and comfort.

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3. Mobike

Founded in 2015, Mobike has earned its reputation as a leading bicycle-sharing system in China that allows customers to find bicycles nearby and travel to their location with utmost convenience and comfort in an ecologically friendly way.

Having easy operations, upon customers entering the platform and adding their location details, they are empowered with a list of nearby bicycles. All they have to do is next to select a bike matching their preference and reach the destination to unlock it so they can ride away in peace.

4. Lime

Based in San Francisco, founded in 2017, Lime formerly known as LimeBike is a dockless electric scooter sharing app that makes it easy for customers to easily travel to their desired destination in a scooter.

All they have to do is add their location so they can find scooters nearby and then upon finding one, book them. Once they do this, they get the flexibility to scan the QR code from the app and avail of the ride.

Knowing now about the different bike sharing apps that have helped the lucrative nature of the bike-sharing services market to grow, let us now understand the factors that contribute to the solution being a sole reason for bringing a change to the way people move about globally.

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Bike Sharing App Development – How Can They Change the World?

Planning to enter the billion-dollar bike-sharing services market like a pro? Know how bike sharing apps can change the world before that. This will give you the strategies to get into the threads of bike sharing app development.

• Will Reduce Pollution

The best bike sharing apps have one thing in common-providing support in reducing pollution to a great extent. Therefore, when you enter the journey of bike sharing app development, you boost transit use following by bringing about a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as well, side-by-side alongside the number of automated bikes too.

• Provide Ease of Travel

Take for instance you want to go to your office or somewhere where rides, most particularly public transport is hard to access. It will of course become a dreaded affair.

This is where bike-sharing solutions come to the rescue. They make last-leg commute services a cakewalk. It helps riders to easily avail rides for any possible location and go there without any form of hurdles whatsoever.

• Reduce Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion rates go down considerably through the aid of bike sharing apps. Take, for instance, urban areas. You may have observed there that the percentage of cars is more. This is something that contributes to traffic being huge.

However, when you get access to a bike sharing app for your startup, you will be able to reduce the rates of traffic congestion to a great extent by 3 to 5% approximately.

• Makes Contactless Travel a Reality

This is probably another main advantage related to embracing bike sharing app development. Through these solutions, users can simply scan a QR code and access rides without having to touch any physical surface at all.

In the current pandemic era when people are advised to avoid physical contact, the solution is something that equally goes the extra mile in achieving this aspect. This is through making the concept of contactless travel a reality.

So all in all courtesy of all these reasons listed above, bike sharing apps can change the world and transform the way people commute from one place to the other.

How to Perform Bike Sharing App Development?

To enter the world of bike sharing app development like a pro so that you can build a solution that can assist you in changing the way the world commutes, it is recommended that you remember some tips and follow these steps.

  • Research the kind of business model you wish to implement for your solution followed by the app design strategy you want to inculcate.
  • Add features that will drive value for your app. This means, including features that are relevant. This includes a QR code scanner, locating nearby bikes, etc.
  • Outsource bike sharing app development services from a reputed company upon assessing their potential in the field. This will ultimately determine the success or failure of your app development journey.


It is extremely crucial that you remember the bike sharing app concept is slowly and steadily gaining momentum in terms of popularity. Hence, when you are a budding bike sharing startup, until and unless you follow some steps carefully, particularly during the course of bike sharing app development, failure is doomed. Therefore, make sure you adhere to some points carefully.

build bike sharing app

How Much Would It Cost to Develop a Bike Sharing App?

Bike-sharing startups in general and the best bike sharing apps, in particular, have one thing in common- the support they have provided in reducing pollution and traffic congestion followed by assisting in ensuring riders can travel to their desired destination within less time. Hence, the prospect of bike sharing app development promises lucrative returns. But in a situation wherein you are a budding bike-sharing startup, you must keep your budget in check.

To achieve this, you need to maintain a user-friendly app design. You need to include relevant features and outsource bike sharing app development services to a company offshore. With all these aspects kept in check, your budget will remain intact.

Now coming to the cost to develop a bike sharing app, the estimated budget that you have to allocate for the aspect will be between $12,000 to $15,000. However, the cost may go high if you want to include advanced features in your app.

Key Takeaways

Reading this comprehensive guide, you have gotten a perspective of the lucrative value bike-sharing startups have the courtesy of the best bike sharing apps in the market. Hence, if you are considering becoming a part of the flourishing bike-sharing services market, the time is now. Get the app edge now to see your profits going up like never before and you become a pioneer in the field as well, side-by-side.

Get in Touch With Us to Build Your Bike Sharing App

The bike-sharing services market will earn revenues of $12.29 billion by 2026 and growth in profits to take place at a CAGR of 11.48% between 2022 to 2026. The valuation is enough to testify to the potential the concept of starting bike-sharing startups has. However, since we live in the app world where business visibility grows manifold through these solutions, it is clear with bike sharing app development, the lucrative nature of your startup will automatically increase and skyrocket. To get support through this, partner with us.

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