How to Analyze App Store Statistics

App store statistics
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • June 08, 2019
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Data and statistics are the heart of the marketing sector. They drive the marketing efforts of various businesses. Marketing professionals measure different aspects at various stages of the marketing funnel to expand sales figures and get the most from their marketing habits. However, with the rapidly changing technology and smart phones becoming all-pervading, completely optimized conversion rates is slowly becoming a distant dream for marketer.

To help you leverage the changing trend and to assist you in framing better marketing plans, we present here some of the statistics from the App Store.

We also present you with some best practices so that you can deal better with the conversion part of your marketing funnel and transform the business outcomes for better.

1. Where Does App Store Stand in The Marketing Funnel

App store is now the kingpin of the purchase process. It is the final stage in the sales funnel which can make or break a conversion. It holds a crucial importance in this smart phone ruled era where all the visitors from different sources land up on the App Store. Whether it is website, social media, organic search, or promotions, all the visitors arrive at a single destination – Your App Store.

It is important to understand how they take decisions at this stage and what guides their actions to get maximum conversions. Also, app designers and developers should be aware of this so that they can design the layout of the app accordingly. This will help them reach the target audience with ease and also lead to more conversions.

2. First Impressions is The Best Impression

Your app store page creates the first impression in the mind of the visitor. A creatively designed app store page of an app will surely secure high conversion rates. When it comes to visitors there are two categories.

  1. Decisive – Takes decision quickly. Either quits or installs the app.
  2. Explorer – Is solicitous. He or she seeks more information about what the app provides. Finally, after researching decides to either install or drop the app.

An attractive app store page is surely going to get good conversion rates for both categories of visitors.

3. What Makes a Good First Impression

To ensure that your app store page is truly creative and creates the best impression on the first glance, check that it performs the following three functions:

  1. Increases install rates for decisive visitors
  2. Leads to more explore rates or urges more explorer visitors to dig for information
  3. Convinces explorer visitors to install the app

App designers and developers should keep the following things in mind while creating the app store page for the best first impression.

  • Users should be able to know what the app is all about in just three seconds.
  • Place screenshots, icons, and text at different spots to arrive at the best combination
  • As 50% of visitors don’t scroll beyond the first impressions, it is important for creative designers and writers to convey the message very effectively right on the first impression.
  • First impression should be designed in coherence with the expectation of the visitors or target audience.
  • App store page should be neat and well-organized

4. Different Designs for Different Stores

So your app is both on App Store and Google Play? Utilizing the same design for both is often damaging as when it comes to app store design there is no one size fits all. The reasons why you should design app store page uniquely for both iOS and Android are:

  • Difference in the overall design
  • Traffic is driven from different sources for each store
  • Difference in user base which implies varied inclinations and choices

It is important for developers to test each platform separately to know which design works best for which platform. Each store needs a unique app store strategy.

5. Features Must be Uniquely Designed

Different parts of the app store page should get a different orientation. For instance when a visitor shifts from name section of the app to the screenshots of your app, the next section should give it an extra focus. You can either showcase them in portrait or landscape orientation.

If you want to convey a single yet important message in a single frame, then go for landscape orientation. However, with portrait it is possible for you to display multiple messages in a single frame. There are very less apps that support horizontal use. Such apps can choose to for landscape orientation.

Each of the orientations has its unique merits and demerits. The orientation which you choose for your screenshot gallery highly depends on the overall design and functionality of your app.

6. Using App Video in Screenshot Gallery

Giving your visitors a peep into your app through a video increases the install rates by 25 percent. What a video does is it encourages explorers to explore more rather than just dropping the app. A video encourages visitors to install the app as it showcases how the app really works.

When it comes iOS, your app preview video is played automatically. This implies that majority of your competitors are already availing of this feature. Create an app preview video to depict the best quality shots of your app and to convince the explorer to install the app. You are just a video away from a conversion!

Following are the elements of a good app preview video:

  • A strong, creative and a powerful message
  • Call outs and subtitles
  • Timed transition screens independent of sounds or background music
  • Short and sweet
  • Consider demographics perspectives and inclinations while creating the video

Here’s an example of an ideal app preview video of the app Instasize, showcasing how the app works and the benefits it offers.

7. Poster Frame As A Screenshot

The preview video you create for an app should have a thumbnail; this thumbnail is referred to as screenshot. It plays an important role to convince both decisive as well as explorer visitors. The poster frame should be carefully selected and should have elements of creativity to showcase the best of your app. While creating the video, ensure that all the frames you select have something important to convey to the viewer. This way if the poster frame or thumbnail is auto-selected then it gets ensured that it showcases highly important information.

8. Feed Information To Explorers:

Make the most of the app store page while uploading screenshots in gallery. Utilize all the allocated space for screenshots by uploading as many screenshots as allowed by App Store or Google Play.

One technique often adopted by app designers to feed explorers with information. They go for panoramic gallery which spreads across various or all screenshots. This encourages explorers to scroll more to get the entire view. Designing a panoramic gallery is different for iOS and Android. Follow their unique best practices to get the best Panoramic gallery.

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