A Useful Insight into the Logistics and Transportation App Development Features

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • December 17, 2018
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The transport and logistics sector is in an overhaul mode. They have embraced the digital route and are on their way to have the advanced on-demand apps created. This has not only proved productive but also has redefined the way the logistics management is achieved. Let us understand about the transport logistic app development here in detail.

With fierce competition in the logistics sector, you will have to raise your customer satisfaction experience so that they don’t move away from you. Your app is your gateway and the better your app, the more are your chances of retaining the customers.

Every transport app development hinges on three important frameworks. They are:

  1. Customer panel or app
  2. Driver panel or app
  3. Admin panel or app

All the requirements of warehouse, inventory, fleet management, real-time tracking, dispatch, and delivery have to be included during the logistic app development. It is better to hire the services of a good transport logistic app development company who have expertise in this field so that they understand your requirements better. Also, they are proficient to give you valuable guidance on it. Let us now understand the features that need to be included in each individual panel.

1. Transportation and Logistic Customer App:

Customer features are the key to decide how good your app is. The transport app development on the customer panel has to include these features like-

transportation customer app
  • Easy registration – The first impression has to be the best. This can decide how well your app will be received by them. The registration process can be through social media accounts login, email or mobile number.
  • List of vehicles – The customer is provided with the vehicle list so that it becomes easy for him to decide the vehicle and the price estimate for each.
  • Vehicle selection – The customers have to be given the choice of selecting the vehicles for transportation. This makes it easy for both the customers as well as the agency to start the next step of dispatch.
  • Schedule bookings – The logistic app development has to include the feature that enables the customer to schedule the date and time for the bookings like booking in advance at a set time.
  • Payments – The customers should have the option of generating the invoice. The online payment procedure option will include card payment, online bank transfer or the mobile wallets.
  • Push Notifications – The customer will be updated from time-to-time on the delivery, tracking and other offers so that they are kept in the loop about the new developments also. The real-time alert will send a notification just after the dispatch and delivery.
  • Real-time Tracking – The transport logistic app development will feature the tracking facility. The customer though receives notifications, can still monitor the track on the real-time basis. This gives them an assurance that their parcel is on its way as intended
  • Ratings and reviews – The customer can rate and review the driver’s performance and also the company’s services. This helps the other customers in selecting the vehicles and drivers.
  • Price estimate – This feature is a must for it helps the customer have an estimate on the fare based on the vehicle, destination, and the route opted.
  • Quote – The customer may have queries regarding the prices. The quote feature will help him to get a quote from the service provider about the time estimate and the cost.
  • Trip History – This feature will have all the previous booking details of the customer so that they can easily take records. It will also help them in their future bookings.

The other feature that can be included in the transport app development includes favorites, easy booking and so on. The easy booking enables the customer to select and repeat any previously booked assignments.

2. Transportation and Logistic Driver App:

The driver app in the logistic app development is useful for the drivers to easily manage their consignment and keep track of their payments. It will help them increase their productivity.

Transportation Driver App
  • Registration – The driver has to register through the social media accounts, email or mobile number.
  • Request management – The driver gets an order request from the customer. If he agrees to it then he has to manage it till the delivery.
  • Shipper details – The driver gets the complete information of the customer and the delivery address, contact number, date, and time.
  • GPS tracking – This enables the driver to find the easy route available for a faster process.
  • Freight details – The driver gets the details like the weight of the goods, the distance to be covered, the toll charges, and the fuel charges so that he can decide on the freight details.
  • Bill approval – This feature will enable the driver to feed all the bills to the admin like the tolls, fuel charges, and refreshments so that it can get approved in the final payment.
  • Payments – This feature is used to accept and receive the payments done by the customer or the service provider.

The other features that can be included in the transport app development are the driver roster sheet, payment sheet so that the driver is kept in the loop of his pending payment and incentives from the admin if any.

3. Transportation and Logistic App – Admin Panel:

This is the core of the logistic app development that controls both the driver and the customer panels. Transportation App Admin Panel
  • Secure login – This gives the right for the admin to securely login into the account with email or mobile number and a strong password. There can be password change prompts every three months.
  • Dashboard – This displays the number of customers and drivers. The pending, completed and in-process transactions and deliveries are listed.
  • Driver management – This will have a complete driver management including the driver attendance, shipping completed, route taken, the date and time of the trips, rewards, payment details, driver safety, and reviews.
  • Fleet management – The admin can edit and manage the fleet like the number of vehicles, the costs incurred for its management like fuel charges, maintenance charges, pollution check, and the deliveries to be managed.
  • Billing and payments – The bills and invoices generated from both the user and the driver can be managed.
  • Push Notifications – The admin can manage the alerts and notifications to the driver and the user.
  • Review management – The admin can view and manage the reviews given by the customers.

We have just listed the basic features that your transport logistic app development company can include in the three frameworks. There are many other advanced features like cloud integration, pre-planned routes, driver scoreboard, and real-time analytics that help you score over your competitors.


The on-demand app is an ever-evolving field and if you are to stay ahead in the race, you have to constantly introduce new features so that you retain customers and increase your productivity.

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