Start your own Laundry Business by Developing On Demand Laundry App

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • December 26, 2018
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The on demand service has invaded every sector after the success of Uber for taxi hiring services. Now you have the Uber for food, beauty, housekeeping or laundry and many more. Not that this is a bad idea. In fact, it is good as long as you are addressing customer convenience.

Who would not love that a laundry guy comes to pick up the soiled clothes and deliver fresh clothes back after the laundry service? The more you pamper the customer, the more he is going to love it. And yes, he wouldn’t mind spending a few pennies extra when service is just a few clicks away.

The laundry mobile app development is similar to the other on demand apps. But there are subtle changes depending on the on-demand laundry service model that you choose to provide to your customer.

– Business Model for the On Demand Laundry Service

There are a lot of options if you are keen to get into the on demand laundry service business. Let us list out the options here:

  • Aggregator laundry services:

    In this, you get a good laundry app development company to build an app for you that lists all the laundry services in your local area. You partner with those and they pay you for listing their name on your app. The laundry and the pickup-delivery services are done by the local laundry services itself. Your app is just the aggregator.

    Your income is derived from the commission of businesses you get to the laundry shops. The laundry shops benefit from it that their services become known to all the people who download your app.

    You are not responsible for the quality of the laundry service. But you have the right to delist any laundry shop that fails in the customer service or receives poor ratings and reviews.

  • Marketplace (Handling the pickup and delivery):

    Here, your laundry app development process is just like any other on-demand service app. But, you handle the pickup and delivery service. Your app will list all the local laundry services. The customer selects any one from the list. You send the laundry guys to pick up the clothes and deliver them to the customer-selected laundry shop. You again pick it up after their service and hand it back to the customer.

    This is just like the typical service providers who charge a little commission for doing service both from the customer and the laundry shops. But the laundry mobile app development will be your responsibility. Your customer service and marketing decides how many people will download and use your app. You are not directly responsible for the laundry service here.

  • Outsourcing laundry services:

    Here, in the laundry mobile app development, you do not list the local laundry shops. The users can just select the type of service needed like dry clean, wash, ironing and so on. Your laundry guy will pick up the clothes from the customer. Your in-house team sorts the clothes and categorizes them as per the customer request. Any note from the customer is pinned on the clothes. You partner with the local laundry services and outsource your work to them. Your team then does a quality check of the clothes. After completion of the laundry service, your laundry guy will return back the clothes to the customer.

    Here, your business investment is in the laundry app development and the in-house support team required for pickup and delivery and for sorting. The money what is earned is from the customers who will pay for your service. You can also negotiate with the laundry shops for bulk orders. Any customer complaint regarding the service will be indirectly your responsibility that will have to be sorted out between you and the laundry shop.

  • Laundry service provider (on-site):

    Here, you are the sole leader. This is for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own laundry services. It is also for those who already have their own laundry shop and they want to design their own app through the laundry mobile app development.

    Here, you collect the clothes from the customer and provide the laundry services. You deliver it back to them after the completion of your service. To make your services fast and efficient, you will have to station the delivery team at certain hotspots. If you intend to cover a larger area, you will need to have your laundry shops at more than one location. Take for example; you need to provide laundry services in a big city. Here, you will have to open local laundry shops at a few places depending on the order quantity. This requires more investment. But if your customer service is good, then there is no reason why you cannot profit from this business.

    Expansion in this business means that you will have to gradually set up shops in multiple cities starting from the nearest cities to your current locality. This becomes profitable when you start your own franchise laundry business.

– The Cost of The Laundry App Development

Laundry App-Cost

First, let us get into the factors that decide the cost of your laundry mobile app development.

  1. The platform on which you want your laundry app development – Some start off with one platform either the Android or the iOS and later create one for the other platform. If you are on a tight budget, select the platform that is widely used in your business locality.
  2. The development of the laundry app – The development stage consists of front-end, back-end development, and the design interface.
  3. Testing of the on-demand laundry app – For a full version of your laundry app, you need that it is bug-free. Proper testing ensures that your customer receives a flawless app.
  4. Full version or an MVP – A full functional on-demand laundry app will obviously cost more. The MVP (minimum viable product) will contain the basic features and hence will cost less.
  5. Customer service – What amount of service would you expect from the laundry app development company also decides the cost of your laundry app development. Cheap cost means that you may have to compromise on the services given by the company. Opting for better customer service means that they are with you for every update and upgrade required.
  6. Work/hour or the whole package – The laundry app development company may charge for the laundry app development as a whole keeping in mind the customization required. Many-a-times it charges on an hourly basis. The testers, developers, project managers, and graphic designers are all paid on the hours they dedicate to this laundry app development. An approximate cost is then reached depending on the hours required to complete the entire laundry mobile app development.
  7. Laundry app development company location – The location or the country from where you get your app developed also plays an important role in deciding the cost. If you are from the US, you would want your laundry mobile app development from the local company because they would know the requirements well. Here, the cost would go upward between $50,000-60,000.But if you already have a good design of the app in mind and you exactly know the features to be incorporated, any good laundry app development company in India would do the job in a much lesser rate and as good as any other in the USA or UK. The cost would then reduce between $10,000-25,000.


The on demand laundry app is something that will guarantee you success. The criterion is that you should know your customer preferences well.

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