On Demand Transport Logistic App Development

Want to ripe the benefits on demand logistic transportation apps for your business? On demand transportation app development services from PeppyOcean is all what you need! Our transportation logistic apps brings a one-stop solution for all your delivery worries including load matching, route planning, tracking and more. Being top on demand logistic and transportation app development company, PeppyOcean helps you expand your logistic transportation business with easy loading, less storage and engaging UI to boost-up your business profits. Moreover, it brings a gamut of features designed specifically for customers, drivers, and administrator to manage their trip tracking, managing payments, and tons of interesting features that will not only streamline your transportation logistic business, but also helps you bring efficiency in a way you run your business.

Churns Out Revenues For Your Transportation Business With PeppyOcean!

Are you in a transportation logistic business and feeling helpless with rising costs of managing your business? Are you a customer willing to leverage from the top-notch on demand transportation services, but no idea where to find it? On demand transportation and logistic app development services from PeppyOcean is here to save you! Now manage all your transport modes, cut-off the rising logistic costs and gain end-to-end visibility across all your branches with our industry leading on demand logistic app development services. No matter where you are and what your shipment contains, PeppyOcean’s on demand transportation app development services helps you connect with the best transportation logistics service providers nearby you. Be it adding new shipment details, set up the location of a vehicle or uploading insurance documents, our on demand logistic transportation app will streamline your transportation business with end-to-end visibility, documentation, collaboration and standardization of the services.

Manage Users

Authorize the users with basic information and let them complete the joining formalities quickly and user-friendly way!

Live Tracking

Optimize the way you deliver cargo with the help of vehicle and driver tracking. Get notified on various events during the delivery.


No matter where you’re and what you’re doing. Our app will keep you posted on the current status and other important cargo details using SMS or Email.


Now get updated with various business critical details like trips taken, starting and ending destinations, distance covered and more with the help of reports!

Features Of On Demand Logistic Transportation App Development Services

At PeppyOcean, we believe in giving a personal touch to our customers and projects we implement. With the motive to bring transparency, automation and friendly environment, we define the development practice that is tailored to cater your on demand logistic app development requirements. Now manage all your transport modes, cut-off the rising logistic costs and gain end-to-end visibility across all your branches with our industry leading on demand transportation app development services. No matter where you are and what your shipment contains, PeppyOcean’s on demand logistic transportation app helps you connect with the best transportation logistics service providers nearby you.

  • Customer App

  • Driver App

  • Admin Dashboard

One Click Signup/Login
Leverage from the simplified and quick sign-up process! All you need is your email and mobile number and you’re done!
Select Vehicles
Be it a tow truck, van, trailer or container truck, select from a wide range of options to select truck based on your needs and deeds.
select vehicles
Schedule and Manage Booking
Select either immediate or advanced booking options. All you have to do is to select the desired date, time and pick-up location based on your convenience.
manage booking
transportation app development
multiple payment
Multiple Payment Options
Want to pay using net banking or credit card or some other medium? Pay the way you want with endless support for multiple payment options.
shipment tracking
Shipment Tracking
Our on demand transportation app development services involves live tracking of drivers & vehicle of your shipment anytime & anywhere at the tap of your fingers!
fare charge
Estimate Fare Charges
Don’t know how much it will cost for your shipment? Well, we’ve in-built fare calculator that helps you know the rough estimate based on the size and weight of your shipment.
Accept/Reject Request
As and when received any new shipment details, the apps auto-open and let the driver to either accept or reject the delivery based on his availability.
accept and reject
Make Available/Busy
Now let the customers know the status of your availability using plenty of options like to mark self available or busy and more.
available & busy
Upload & Link Documents
Want to upload insurance documents related to the shipment or any other critical documents? Do it on the go with Upload documents features!
upload documents
logistic app development
contact customer
Contact Customer
In case you’ve any doubt, you can get in touch with the customer to get it clarified. Call the customer or drop a message to get the details.
manage profile
Manage Profile
Want to change the details of your grocery store or profile? Update the profile and let the customers know about it.
view consignment
View Consignment Details
Getting insights of consignment to be delivered is easy with our professional logistic on demand app development.
  • Admin Dashboard
The dashboard displays you all the critical information at a glance and you can customize it based on your preferences on the go!
  • Role Management
Be it a new driver or a staff, you can define and manage different roles based on your business needs and deeds.
  • Fleet/Vehicle Management
Introduce a new vehicle for the shipment or update the existing vehicle details with image, get it done quickly with fleet management.
  • Manage Invoices
Get rid of expensive invoice processing system and automate invoice generation, updating invoice and a lot more with our invoice management feature.
  • Daily Reports
Now gauge the growth of your business using plenty of reports on daily, weekly, monthly basis. Be it total payment received, total site visits or complaints received!
transport app admin dashboard

Our Proposed Technology

In a fast paced world, technologies keep changing and new dimensions are opened. To help you gain an edge over the competitors, our team of technology experts sharpen their saw everyday with cutting edge technologies and utilize it in on demand logistic app development services. It will help you stay ahead of rivals and boost up ROI in a best possible way!

  • Programming Language
  • API Language
  • Database
  • swift
  • react.js
    React Js
  • node.js
    Node Js
  • angular.js
    Angular Js
  • Ionic
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • objective-c
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Node.Js
    Node Js
  • Paython
  • Ruby on Rails
    Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • MySql
    My SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • MsSql
    Ms SQL
  • PostgreSQL

Our Transport Logistics App

Our on demand transport and logistics app development services gives you real-time visibility into your business operations. We know that each transport company is unique. Instead of trying to make your business fit into the software, we alter the software to suit your business. We also take into consideration your future business requirements. Our innovative technology system provides you with real-time feedback, precise logistics management and sharp data reporting with guaranteed seamless integration with all your existing software systems. You get a competitive edge with our technology and innovation in logistics transportation app development. You experience growth with our automated and cost-effective logistics app by means of which you can scale your business with a hassle-free integration. With our transportation and logistic app development services, you are sure to operate a more efficient and versatile enterprise that delivers value to customers thus producing higher margins for your business. Our transportation logistics app will help you streamline your business processes faster.

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Why XongoLab for Transportation Logistic App Development Services?

Empower your transportation logistic business with influential and end-to-end on demand transportation and logistic app development services from XongoLabs! We @XongoLab create robust logistic apps to buckle-up your transportation logistic business and help you get rid of all your business growth worries. We have a team of seasoned and certified technology experts who brings innovation in your on demand transportation app development venture while lifting up your business with tones of user-friendly features.

Expand Business

We know the importance of expanding your logistic business and thus, we bring unique strategy to deploy for your on demand logistic app development venture that will help you reach global audience within a short time span. Reach the millions of users globally while growing your business ten-fold!

Deliver Tailored App

No two businesses are functioning in a same manner and the same thing applies when it comes to developing logistic apps. And thus, we sit across the table with you to understand your business pain points to deliver tailored app that simplifies your delivery logistic business and improves overall business ROI.

Eye-Caching UI/UX

Design with consistency and standards are evident in many of the successful mobile apps. And being a leading on demand logistic and transportation app development company, we know that a UI/UX can make or break your business. We make sure the UI of your logistic app elevates user experience.

Establish Brand

Do you know 80% of the apps fail to perform well due to lack of marketing quotient? We consider marketing as a heart of your app and therefore try to accommodate a wide range of features that will help you establish your brand in the market and ripe the fruits of success for your on demand transportation app development venture.

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