How the Electrician App Development Process Solve Customer Inconvenience

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • January 11, 2019
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The on demand apps became popular because it focused on and solved customer inconvenience. So enters the on- demand app wherever the sector is unorganized. The taxi, restaurants, beauty, fitness, electrician, plumber- the on demand apps have basically stationed themselves everywhere where customer service is needed. The core foundation of such an electrician app development process is the inclusion of features that make the app more appealing and easy to use for the customers.

Here, we list to you the inconvenience caused by the traditional mode of hiring the services of an electrician. Also, we write about how the electrician mobile app development process has been able to sort out the problem and add value to the customer service.

  1. Do you know any electrician?

    What the electrician app development does is that it helps us find all the nearby electricians which otherwise would be a tedious task. How many of us have the contact numbers of all the nearby electricians? We would not know how many of them exist and what are the types of services they provide. This electrician mobile app development process includes this feature of listing all the available nearby electricians. Now, this saves us a lot of time and effort in otherwise having to contact each electrician individually to know if he would be available for work or not.

  2. What will his charges be?

    How many of us have haggled with the electrician for the right fee? And, we do not know if he has charged the right fee or not. With the electrician app, we need not worry about the fee that has to be fixed. We need not even worry that we are being overcharged. The charges in the electrician app are fixed. The on demand electrician app has competitive prices and if combined with the promotional offers, we are surely going to benefit from it.

  3. How do I pay?

    The handyman app development or the electrician app development process has the payment integration that allows us a lot of flexibility in the payment options. So now, we can pay through the card or mobile wallet. For those who are still comfortable handing over the cash to the electrician that option is also made available.

  4. Will he or will he not?

    When you contact the electricians, they do not usually commit. So you are left guessing if he will show up and in case he even arrives, you never know what excuse he will make for taking up the job. But in the handyman app development process they have given the electrician this option for accepting or rejecting the request. In case the selected electrician rejects the offer, you can request the next electrician listed there in the app. So the customer is sure of the electrician’s commitment and in case he rejects, the customer has plenty of other options too.

  5. How long do I wait?

    Done, you have got an assurance from the electrician that he will be doing the job. But will he come on time? Mostly, your other tasks are kept to the side, waiting for his arrival. With the on demand electrician app, the electrician sends you a notification when he starts for his destination. So now you know when he can be expected.

  6. Ding dong. Wait, I am at the shower.

    Many-a-times, you are stuck in some other work when the electrician suddenly arrives at your door at the least expected time. But in the electrician mobile app development process, the real-time tracking is inserted in the app so that the customers can track the location of the electrician. In addition, the estimated time for arrival can also be calculated based on the location on the map. Upon arrival, the customer even gets a notification that the selected electrician has arrived at your location.

  7. I need an electrician for tomorrow. What do I do?

    Sometimes, you will need the services of an electrician during the weekend when you are at home. Then, what do you do? Set an alarm on your mobile or write a sticky note and put it temporarily on the refrigerator so that you don’t forget to call him up on the scheduled day. But here, the handyman app development process takes care of it. They provide a feature wherein you can schedule your appointments and requests for a further date and time. The electrician gets this request and arrives at the location on the scheduled date.

  8. Has he forgotten his appointment?

    You have done your work. You have called the electrician and requested him to come after two days. But still, you will not be sure if he will remember to come after two days. Many-a-times, you will have to call him up again on that day as a reminder to show up for the task. But with the electrician mobile app, the electrician can schedule his upcoming requests so that it is not forgotten. He will automatically get a notification on that day regarding the appointment.

  9. He is good at his job. Did everyone hear?

    If you are satisfied with the electrician’s job, at the most you can appreciate him. You will also refer him to your friend if he needs the services of an electrician. But how will the rest know how good the electrician was? So, the electrician app development company puts in the feature of ratings & reviews. Now, all others who are using the app will know how good an electrician is.

  10. Hello. You need to park at the opposite end of the road. I hope you get it?

    Sometimes, you will need to give special instructions to the electrician before he arrives at the location. For example, you may need to tell him where to park or to call on arriving. There are chances that he will forget the instructions when told to him on phone. In the on-demand electrician app, there is a provision to write special notes when you request an electrician for a task. This way, your message will be delivered to him with the request itself.


The on demand electrician app development requires that the features be added tactfully so that the design looks neat and user-friendly. Hire the services of an efficient electrician app development company that knows its job perfectly. For, if your app is good, your business will be better.

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