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  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • May 23, 2022
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After the end of the pandemic, most product-based businesses have started relying more and more on technology. This has given them the convenience to reach the target audience better and earn more customers. Especially due to the rise of smartphone users, the demand for on demand services has witnessed a transformational rise. Especially the on demand beauty services; have witnessed considerable popularity among customers.

In the lines below, we will highlight the factors that have been particularly responsible for the popularity of these offerings. This will include the market figures depicting the rise of these offerings and the rise it will observe in the years to come as well. This will include educating you on the salon business model that is recommended when building an on demand beauty service app. Thereafter, we will state the reasons why it is thus a good profitable idea to embrace the Uber for salon app, listing the techniques that you can follow while building it.

After reading this, you will be able to successfully build a profitable empire for your salon venture through this app. This will help you to ensure that customers receive convenient and timely beauty services as and when they may require them. Also, it will allow your team of beauticians to deliver seamless beauty services. Simultaneously, through each service that they provide, they would be able to earn a good amount of money.

Finally, it will pave way for the salons, etc listed on the app to market their services better, get themselves on top of the radar in the world of on demand beauty services, and make their services in fact known to a wider range of users.

So without further ado; let’s begin.

◉ Factors Responsible for the Rise of Uber for Beauty App – Market Analysis

According to predictions by Common Thread Collective, the global beauty revenue would generate revenues close to around 716 billion dollars by 2025.

Have a look at this image to get a glance through these amazing figures.

beauty app market analysis

Image source:

Looking at this image, you can get a basic idea that the beauty industry has quite a lucrative future indeed.

With the presence of the on demand beauty services app, in particular, the business has witnessed a transitional growth which it will continue to experience in the years to come as well.

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Look at this figure below to understand this better.

beauty industry stats

Image source:

These figures depict how the online marketplace is helping the beauty industry is reshaping the way it delivers different services to its customers. However, one question that becomes quite obvious to ask looking at these numbers is, ‘what has been the factor/factors responsible for the advent of these solutions in the first place?’ So the answer to this is the coronavirus pandemic.

After the pandemic, almost all salons are including the Uber for salon app within their operations to streamline the way they deliver beauty services. Hence, the market forecasts according to Global News Wire predict that the app would support the industry to earn revenues close to around 217.25 billion dollars by 2026.

Apps like Booksy, Byrdie, etc have been particularly responsible for the rise of these solutions in the first place. Second, it has encouraged many new salon ventures to embrace these solutions within their operations to streamline the way they deliver services and earn good revenues along the way.

This is also due to the factors listed below:

Enhances Customer Experience

Apps make lives easier. This is what the Uber for beauty app ensures to the best capabilities. It helps the salon ventures to conceive and deliver a unique customer experience. This is of the convenience the app renders in allowing customers to browse through services available in the salon. This also includes convenience in making appointments and so on.

Assists in Marketing Efforts

Including the app helps the salon to communicate effectively with customers. This comprises promoting the services they are going to get in line, and so on. With features like push notifications, the salon can notify users of new services, discounts, etc. This also includes rewarding loyal customers and offering programs such as referrals so that customers are easy to retain; gain.

Opens Arena of Job Opportunities for Beauticians

The pandemic had been instrumental in supporting salons to realize the necessity of including innovations to streamline the way they deliver services. It is thus one of the main advantages that come with the use of on demand beauty app development services. Doing so will allow beauticians to work at their convenience, list down the services on the app so that their visibility gets enhanced among customers, and so on, thereby making it possible for them to get more job opportunities. Side-by-side, they would be able to earn a good amount of money through the service/services they provide.

Looking at these factors, it becomes clear thus, embracing salon app development will help the salon ventures a great deal. It is necessary to understand the business models that apps usually channel.

◉ Salon Business Model

There are two main salon business models:

  1. Dedicated/Self-Owned Model
  2. Aggregator Beauty Service App

In the lines below; we explain each of these models in detail.

1. Dedicated Self-Owned Model

Created by a well-known beauty brand or salon, these apps stimulate business expansion. This also includes supporting clients (potential) to gain awareness of the services they provide. All this is to enhance the overall online presence of the salon or brand.

Working in a simple manner, users enter the app, and make the booking. The salon then receives the request. A professional is assigned who visits the customers’ premises and renders the offering. Last, the customer pays for the offerings.

Look at this image to understand the functioning better.

beauty on demand app

Now that you know the dedicated self-owned model; let us understand the aggregator beauty service app.

2. Aggregator Beauty Service App

This is another popular form of the business model for beauty salons. In this model, salons, hairdressers, and independent beauticians all gather in one place, the app, and market their services. With this app, the beauty service industry partners with different spas and salons. This is after the listing is done. Next, with the services that customers place from either of these spas, etc, businesses can earn commissions.

Understanding these two main kinds of business models, you might be wondering about the one that is best for you. So, the one that the beauty services are implementing now is the Uber for beauty app. Due to the ease, it provides in ensuring on demand beauty services to the customers, allowing salons, etc to earn a good percentage of revenues along the way, it is a good business proposition for new beauty startups.

It requires adherence to some steps though; during its development. Doing so will ensure that the salon provides seamless on demand beauty services to its customers and make good profits through them.

◉ Consider These Points While Building the On Demand Beauty Services App

  • Before anything else, you need to understand customer needs thoroughly. Hence, survey to understand what customers want from your beauty app. This will help you to enhance the way the app works.
  • Build apps for the user, the beautician, and the salon owners. You need to determine features that will work best for the three. This will ensure seamless beauty services.

Once these steps get followed, make sure to identify if your app can fulfill the tasks listed below-

  • Does it allow users to make reservations or book appointments in advance?
  • Is it allowing you to market new services of your salon, and promote your services?
  • Does the app allow your beauticians to provide a list of services they render and make them known to a larger target audience?
  • Does the app provide convenience to users to browse through different options in the app and select the service they need or want to avail of from the app?

Once you have an answer to these questions, you can then go ahead and get in touch with an on demand beauty app development company. Through expertise in employing the best practices during salon app development, they will enable your venture to gain access to the Uber for salon app. This will help drive maximum business value, provide seamless beauty services, and maximize ROI in the shortest possible time.

Wrapping Up

Uber for salon app will help your beauty industry to streamline beauty services to customers. It will revolutionize the way these offerings get made. Thus, it demands adherence to some steps, especially during development. This will allow users to obtain the desired help they want from the app, and you, the salon owner to make it big, and earn good profits.

Hence, empower your business with the Uber for beauty app today. This will make it seamless to revolutionize your salon offerings. It will make beauty services convenient for your customers. It will also pave the way for beauticians to earn a good amount of money through the offerings they provide.

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