18 Must-Have Features Necessary for your Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • November 30, 2018
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With on demand apps flooding their mobiles, shoppers are now getting gradually accustomed to shopping online for everything including beauty products, food, medicine, and even grocery items.

The online grocery delivery remains the most underpenetrated segment among all these. But it is the fastest growing online categories.

Many popular multinational retail corporations like Walmart and Amazon are expanding their grocery delivery across cities throughout the globe.

While it will take time for the people to shift from visits to the physical brick and mortar store to the online shopping, the retailers are leaving no stone unturned to go online and create their own virtual grocery delivery market.

Features that are a must-have when you plan for a grocery delivery app development

If you have decided to start your own grocery delivery app, ensure that you include the below features in it.

1. Easy registration

The registration process has to be simple and user-friendly. The registration through social media login is popular nowadays. This feature can be added to the registration process. Other options are through email id and mobile number. When logged in through the social media, the options to share any offers makes it a good advertising for the grocery delivery app.

2. Product listing

Yes, this is the basic of every grocery app development. But proper care is to be taken to segregate the grocery items into products and sub-products so that it is a seamless shopping experience for the users. All the products should have a rich description so that customers get valuable information from it.

3. Quick shopping list

After searching, if the customer doesn’t want to buy the item and save it for later purchase, then a quick list in the grocery mobile app development process will help them in this regard. Here, the customer can save the items for future reference. This feature can include many options like a favorite list, scanned barcode list, reminder list and so on.

4. Search

This core feature has to be powerful, yet simple. It has to offer convenience to the user to search items from the app. The grocery app development has to add filters of varied kinds that will make it easy for operation so that the user reaches their preferred item search faster in the list.

5. Tracking

The GPS real-time tracking is a must-have feature in the grocery app development process that allows users to track their order delivery. From the dispatch to the estimated time for delivery, the real-time tracking helps users know the status of their order.

6. Delivery scheduler

This allows the users to schedule their delivery in advance as per their convenience. The customers can select a delivery date for their order during the checkout process. The grocery mobile app development can include the delivery estimated time to notify the customers.

7. Quick reorder or repeat order

Here the customers can reorder past items from their account page with just one click. This enables the grocery delivery app development to make the ordering process easy for return customers.

8. Discount coupons

Customers are always on the outlook for rebates and offers. Here, the grocery mobile app development has to incorporate this feature that will lure the customers into buying more. They get the impression that the coupons will fetch them good savings on their grocery bill. The rebates needn’t necessarily be high. But it should be attractive enough to the customer.

9. Push notifications

Any customer has to be given constant updates about new offers or new products. Push notifications serve this purpose. The grocery mobile app development has to introduce this feature so that the clients remain faithful to their grocery app.

10. Recommended products

You might have seen this feature on many of the shopping sites. Here, based on the previous search preferences of the user, the recommended product list is displayed at the bottom. When your grocery app development includes this feature, it will keep the users engaged as they get precisely what they require as per their interests.

11. Good images

For an authentic shopping experience, the customers have to be shown 3D images of real products. This increases the visual appeal and makes them feel that they are viewing the product in real. This also makes them shift easier from physical to digital shopping.

12. Payment Options

The secure multiple payment options will include card payment, cash on delivery, or mobile wallet. This will make the purchase easy for them as per their convenience. Ask your grocery delivery app development company to integrate multiple payment gateways in your grocery app to enable the people to make payments as they wish.

13. Monthly shopping list reminders

This is a simple note to make a list of the monthly grocery shopping that is to be done. The customer can be reminded of this list through the push notifications.

14. Share shopping lists

This feature allows the user to share the shopping lists with other users. By adding this feature, the customers can share it with other family members to know if anything extra is to be added to the list.

15. Combination offers

When a user selects an item, the other items purchased by users in combination with the selected item are displayed. This combo offer will make the search easy for the user and it will give them an idea of what other items the shoppers have selected when purchasing the selected item. The product listing can also display offers on combination items wherein the shopper can save money.

16. Price comparison

The price comparison feature will enable customers to quickly know what other brands are priced at for similar products. This will help them compare the prices for similar items instead of going back and forth the complete page.

17. Reward points

In order to keep the customers engaged in your grocery app, reward them with points or cashback for every bill purchased. You can also send them push notifications for any contest so that they accumulate the reward points and use it later.

18. Membership

Many of the on-demand apps charge for membership and they offer various benefits like free delivery, offers to members only and so on. This will lure the customers to your grocery app as they feel that they are getting a good bargain. Annual membership fees will be profitable to you as well as the customer.

Hire the services of a good grocery delivery app development company

We have tried to list many of the features that a good grocery delivery app has to contain. Along with the features, the UI/UX design of it is also very important. With the help of the best grocery delivery app development company, you can bring your dreams into reality on your grocery app. A good grocery delivery app development company will know how to design a simple yet user-friendly grocery delivery mobile app that will help in attracting more customers as well as to retain the old customers. Along with creating the mobile app, the grocery delivery app development company has to provide excellent after sales support so that new features can be incorporated in it from time-to-time.


The success of a grocery delivery startup hinges on many factors. Yes, out of all these, the grocery delivery app development has to be innovative, unique and offer an enriching experience to the user.

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