A Complete Guide To Developing On Demand App Similar To Rappi

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  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • June 07, 2021
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Successful on-demand apps like Airbnb and Uber are in the limelight because of their outstanding delivery services. As per the recent report generated by Google, “on-demand” is the keyword that is browsed more. The popularity of on-demand apps has attracted many start-up entrepreneurs. They have been looking for the best multi delivery app development services to join the marathon of on-demand market.

Similar to Airbnb and Uber, one more on-demand app named Rappi is gaining the interest of the public. Having the concept same as Airbnb and Uber and being a comprehensive shop for on-demand services, in a very short time, this newly emerged Rappi clone app has gained immense popularity.

Know About On-demand App & Rappi Clone App

An on demand delivery app is a one-stop store through which shoppers can place their requests for the desired products and services. The request is passed on to the concerned contractor who completes the order and charges a certain amount for the services offered. In short, it is a medium linking the service providers with the service seekers.

You can find various on demand apps in the app stores, for everything, for instance from food delivery to taxis. The most popular among them are Rappi, Postmates, Glovo, Airbnb, and Uber. There are a few basic elements that create the foundation of Rappi like on-demand apps:

  • Mobile-First: Instead of opening your laptop or desktop, you can right away place your requests while commuting or in between your busy schedules using your Smartphone.
  • Fast: Fast deliveries are offered by the on-demand apps as the items have to be picked from local stores and delivered to local areas. Say within 30 minutes you get the deliveries.
  • Cheap: The on-demand apps keep on benefiting their users by offering them heavy discounts and offers.
  • Easy Payment: The mode of payment integrated into these apps is very easy to use. Using the internet banking mode or through cards, you can pay instantly and enjoy quick checkouts. There are many apps that accept COD.
  • Independent Contractors: The entire on-demand app’s business model depends on several independent contractors that offer their services.
  • Rating System: On completion of every order, you will be asked to give your ratings for the received services and for the delivery man.

You have known about the core components that constitute the multi-delivery app development project. Now, let’s discuss the Rappi clone app.

Marketing itself as the store for everything in Latin America, Rappi was founded by Felipe Villamarin, Simón Borrero, and Sebastian Mejía in 2015. Columbia-based Rappi on-demand app was started with an aim to deliver everything from food, groceries, medicines, electronics, alcohol, apparel, and much more other stuff. It also expanded its on-demand services to offer travel, bike rental, and elementary banking services like delivering cash and paying bills.

This successfully thriving app is currently offering its services in Latin America’s 55 cities including Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Inspired by Rappi’s success, many entrepreneurs approached the app development companies offering food delivery app development and multi delivery app development solutions so that they can start with similar super apps.

If you too are interested in making a similar app like the Rappi clone app, then you must go through this entire write-up to discover everything about Rappi like:

  • Why Rappi like apps are gaining tremendous popularity?
  • Steps to creating an app like Rappi
  • Its features
  • Technology stack used
  • Development time
  • Development team
  • Cost to develop app like Rappi

Why is Rappi like app gaining tremendous popularity?

Technology is certainly the biggest reason behind the success of Rappi. Other than technology, Rappi is well-liked because it provides timely services to its users. Rappi has skillfully chosen the right technology partner, partnered with genuine independent contractors, investing in the right marketing campaigns, and works with significant intelligence. Here are stated the success reasons of Rappi:

  • Keeps on experimenting – The main aim of Rappi is to enhance the customer experience. It constantly focuses on the factors that help it achieve its aim. Rappi keeps on experimenting on what would be liked by its customers despite the risk factor involved. This makes Rappi a unique on-demand delivery app.
  • Data Analysis for enhancing the customer experience – Data-driven facts and insights are used by Rappi to identify how their service and product experience affects consumers. It also analyzes conversion metrics to understand the customer requirements.
  • Targeting regionally – The market of Latin America is not the same in every region. It is not necessary that whatever operates here will be demanded in some other region. Due to the market being extremely diverse, Rappi aims at offering services as per the demand of that region. Also, it uses the local language to make its customers comfortable.
  • Extra offering – For expanding the card width and order numbers, Rappi offers its users frequent offers, reward points, heavy discounts and exclusive deals.
  • Improved conversion rates – Via the smart insights, Rappi frequently optimizes its techniques that would elevate its ROI. For example, it may offer additional discounts to its new users or regular customers.

Steps to creating an app like Rappi

Being new, you may hardly have any idea about the multi delivery app development process. Now, we shall move ahead and discuss the steps to creating an app like Rappi. So, here they are:

  • Perform a Thorough Market Research
  • market research

    Prior to heading towards any app development company to develop an on-demand delivery app, you should do a little homework. Perform thorough market research to know how you can ease the life of your app users via your app. Know about their requirements and their expectations.

  • Do Perform Study on Competitors
  • On-demand apps aren’t the new normal in the mobile app development landscape. Thus, you can take advantage of this fact. You can pick a few popular apps and study the success and failures of those apps. To create an app better than Rappi and other popular on-demand delivery apps, identify the paint points of the users. If you plan to create an on-demand food delivery app, then you can tie-up with the best food delivery app development solution provider developers and solve the main points while creating your app.

  • Decide on The Features
  • Being your first attempt to create an on-demand app like the Rappi clone app, you must opt for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). As it starts gaining popularity, you can update it with advanced and extra features. In an on-demand app, there are four modules – Admin, Merchant, Customer, and Driver. Each module has different features and they have been stated below:

    multi delivery app

    Customer Module

    • Easy registration & login
    • Product browsing
    • Discount coupons & vouchers
    • Track order
    • Push notification
    • Multiple payment options
    • Delivery option
    • Schedule delivery
    • Selection of delivery slot
    • Order pick/drop destination
    • Order history
    • Mark as favourites
    • ETA insights
    • After sales services
    • Customer support
    • Real-time chat option
    • Ratings & feedback

    Driver Module

    • Hassle-free registration
    • Accept/Decline request
    • Geo-location
    • History
    • Track earnings
    • Manage availability
    • Route optimization
    • Work history

    Merchant Module

    • Order request notification
    • Profile management
    • Items management
    • Order management
    • Delivery slot management
    • Track delivery boy
    • Track payments
    • Order history
    • Add products

    Admin Module

    • Manage customers
    • Payment management
    • Order management
    • Driver management
    • Modify app elements
    • Reset passwords
    • Campaign management
    • Plan discounts
    • Promotions management 
    • Manage stores 
    • Feedback management
    • Manage commission
    • Reporting & analytics
  • Technology Stack
  • The technology stack is the backbone of your app. For integrating the above-stated features into your Rappi like on-demand app, your developers will need a robust and the most appropriate technology stack. Here is the list of the technologies that are required for creating an intuitive on-demand app:

    • Java or Kotlin for Android App
    • Swift for iOS App
    • Twilio for SMS Gateway
    • Node.JS for Backend & API
    • React.JS for Frontend
    • MongoDB for Database
    • AWS or Google Cloud for Server
    • PayPal or Stripe for Payment Gateway (Depends on Availability as per your Country)
  • Cost to develop app like Rappi
  • Multiple factors ascertain the Rappi like on-demand app development cost and they are:

    • Your project requirements
    • Tech stack used
    • App features
    • Platform (iOS and/or Android)
    • Strength of your development team

    The number of features integrated into your app decides the complexity of your on-demand app. The more intricate your app is, the more will be its development cost. Hence, it is better if you opt for MVP models that have been discussed above to lower down your app development cost.

    An on-demand delivery app with basic functionality and features would cost you somewhere near $20,000 – $30,000. On adding advanced features the cost may be around $35,000 – $45,000.

Wrapping Up

The victory of Rappi has influenced a lot of start-ups. Remember, the landscape of on-demand delivery apps is full of competition. Hence, you need to choose the right features and the technology stack and invest in the right app development company to beat and survive in the prevailing competition. From this blog, you will get a complete idea of what an on-demand delivery app is, what are the steps to follow to create a flawless and robust on-demand delivery app, and what will be the cost to develop an app like Rappi.

If there is any on demand app idea hitting your mind and you want to convert it into reality, then you have landed the right website. PeppyOcean is a preeminent mobile app development company. We have experience in developing more than hundreds of apps falling under the category of on-demand with different functionalities and features.

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