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It is the world of -on the go. The world is increasingly getting mobile. Then how about some uber clone app for your fleet of services so that you can manage them in a hassle-free way while growing your business manifold? So, here we bring you the uber clone script with a host of unique and innovative features. Uber is one of the most profitable business models of the century. It has influenced a whole new generation of clone apps that are one-step ahead and try to provide the customers the best uber script. One of the most appealing and profitable businesses in the global market, Uber clone app has made a revolution in the taxi industry. Our Uber clone script has distinctive features that exceed all other clone apps in quality and performance. Our Uber like app development services helps you to streamline your taxi management solution to get more customers and earn more profit. Try our cloud-based Uber like app source code to achieve your business target with ease!

Spotlight of Uber App Source Code & Uber App Script

The Uber like app source code is packed with powerful features like the surge pricing, in app navigation, book on-demand or later services and social media integration. Our uber like app development surpasses other clones available in the market through its superiority, responsiveness, ease of use, reliability and quality. Complete Satisfaction in our uber app script is what we guarantee you! Our team of talented experts has worked on the Uber like app source code to present to you one of the most efficient Uber clone apps. Packed with powerful features, the Uber like app source code can be installed in both the iOS and Android platforms. It is 100% responsive and works across all devices like iPhones, smartphones, PCs, and tablets. The web panel and the mobile app function seamlessly for all the three subsystems of the driver, passenger and administrator panel.

Extensive Panel

Admin panel, driver panel, customer panel- you get the best uber clone source code from us. We make sure that we provide you and your customer an enriching experience.

Real-time Tracking

Our uber app source code integrates real-time map tracking facility so that the customer can track the cab in real-time. No confusions and no unnecessary calls.

Technical Support

No fuss about its use. We offer you technical support right from the initial planning to the after-sales period. Rest assured, our uber like app source code is flawless.

Latest Technology

Ours is the best uber script, in fact, a notch higher. We tell you so because we are sure of the technologies we use. Our expert team delivers the best always, period.

Detailed Features Of On Demand Uber Clone App Development

Our on demand uber like app development connects people with services. Our uber Android app/iOS developer will ensure that the best IT infrastructure is utilized that guarantees return on investment to your business. Rest assured you get value for your investment. Our uber clone app adopts agile project methodology that helps you to kick-start your business in a short span of time, digitally. We customize the admin panel, customer and driver panel in our uber clone script to suit your requirements so that you can go digital with your business and reap in its benefits within a short span of time.

  • Customer App

  • Driver App

  • Admin Dashboard

Simple User Registration
Our uber like app development has two methods for user registration. One is by user’s email and contact number. The other is by login and password.
user register
Request a Ride
Our uber android app/iOS developer has designed this feature wherein the current location and the destination will be provided by the customer.
book a ride
Real-time Tracking
The uber like app source code identifies correct geographical coordinates and provides real-time tracking of the vehicle for the customer.
real time tracking
taxi app development
multiple payment
Payment Gateways
We have designed our uber like app source code to include its own wallet or accept payment from card or cash whatever seems appropriate for the customer.
payment gateway
GPS Service
There is Google map integration in our uber like app source code which allows the user to change his location information and set the destination.
GPS service
Push Notifications
The uber like app development will provide for the continuous notifications regarding the payment, fare, tracking, feedback and the ride status.
Driver Registration
From the driver’s side, the registration will be the same as that of the customer. The profile of the driver is to be verified and approved by the admin.
accept and reject
Document Submission
The driver has to submit relevant information regarding the vehicle type, name, tech specifications, photos and other legally verified documents of the vehicle.
available & busy
Route Navigation
The uber app source code is so designed that the driver will get the route navigation and optimization so that the required destination can be reached swiftly.
upload documents
uber like driver app development
contact customer
Wallet Credits
Our uber clone script will ensure that the driver will have his own wallet and the money will be transferred to it as per the requirement of the client.
manage profile
History Records
Our uber android app/iOS developers have designed the app so that the driver can see his previous ride records and the payment records.
view consignment
Feedback & Review
The driver can view the passenger feedback that allows him to get a highlight of his strengths and weaknesses and improve it wherever necessary.
  • Manage Drivers and Passengers
The admin has full right to manage the driver list and make any deletions or omissions to it. He can track the passengers riding on his vehicle.
  • Easy Commission Tracking
The uber app source code for the admin panel gives them the right to track commission and payout for the drivers.
  • Report Generation & Analytics
The admin can generate reports and view them for analytics purpose to know what destinations and drivers earn the most revenues.
  • Review Transactions & Feedbacks
Our uber like app source code makes provisions for the admin to review the payment transactions and even the feedbacks for better improvements.
  • Manage Admin settings
The uber clone app provides privileges for the admin to manage the complete back-end settings and makes changes in login, passwords etc.
Admin Dashboard

Our Technical Brawniness

We deliver the finest because we have a penchant to create top-notch products that are high on reliability and quality. We involve the superlative and latest technologies to give you products that will be on par with the best finds around. We don’t settle for anything but the BEST!

  • Programming Language
  • API Language
  • Database
  • swift
  • react.js
    React Js
  • node.js
    Node Js
  • angular.js
    Angular Js
  • Ionic
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • objective-c
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Node.Js
    Node Js
  • Paython
  • Ruby on Rails
    Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • MySql
    My SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • MsSql
    Ms SQL
  • PostgreSQL

Dalbo – An Uber Like Taxi Clone App

Are you intrigued about how to create uber like app or uber like clone apps? Are you dreaming of having a successful taxi startup like Uber and Lyft? That is completely possible. Just tell us your ideas and we will create it for you. At PeppyOcean, we have created Dalbo – an Uber like clone app that is the perfect recreation of some of the best on demand taxi apps. Our dedicated team of developers at PeppyOcean has created magic with “Dalbo” that is innovative and provides for a hassle-free cab ride with just a few clicks on your mobile. We use the best uber script that has a well-defined user interface. We try to keep it simple, easy and clear.

With “Dalbo”, you can login or register through an email or social media accounts to avail of its services. It gives you the fare estimate and the time to be taken for the ride. After the trip completion, it provides you with complete details like the distance covered, pickup date and time, driver name and contact number and the total cost that was paid. The Uber clone script provides with an option of selecting either English or Somali language. With Dalbo, PeppyOcean has given Somalia a boost in technology and applications.

Why Choose Us For Uber Like App Development?

Yes, we aren’t the typical run-of-the-mill stuff. We create extraordinary uber app script. We deliver content to our clients in the format they prefer. We guarantee them of a winning mobile experience. Our technical expertise and innovation provide the unique combination of delivering the challenge and meeting the expectations of our clients. We follow a structured and disciplined development process that wins hands down.

why peppyocean
Wider Reach

We serve clients all over the world and we know what best suits your business when creating the uber clone app. A wider reach means rich experience and well-versed in handling different situations and clients. This advantage will be a boon to you because we inject our rich skills in generating a unique uber app source code for you.

Technical Expertise

Our highly knowledgeable technical staff has years of experience in creating the best uber clone script. With experience comes their ease of handling things and the professionalism to create uber like app source code on time. They are sincere and hardworking and they value their customer and his ideas the most.

Customized App Creation

We have a well-equipped team of uber android app/iOS developer that creates customized solutions as per the client requirements. We patiently listen to your ideas and your keenness to improve your business. We understand your passion because even we are passionate the same way to our work and we assure you of the best results.

Value for Investment

Investing in technical solutions and creating an uber like app development means a deep dent in your pocket. Worry not, that is not our case. We deal with honesty and transparency to produce the best uber clone app that will be the pride of your business. We assure that you will remain a happy client till the end.

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