Let us Get an Insight into the Features of Courier App Development and Its Cost

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • March 08, 2019
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Heard of the days when doves were sent to deliver letters from one place to another? They were trained to do so. So, you can vouch for the fact that the delivery business existed from times immemorial. Fast forward to today. You have the delivery guys working through their on-demand courier app. What is this on-demand courier delivery services all about?

Technology has played an important role in transforming our daily routines and the on-demand courier delivery service is proof to that. With the courier services, your goods, packages, and letters- all are delivered to the destination with excellent customer service. The delivery is not limited to files and letters. It can be literally anything- from food parcels to the minutest hair conditioner. What it promises is on-time and quick delivery where the customer is kept informed about the progress.

-What are the various courier service business models that exist?

  1. Parcel tracking

    Some companies use their courier app development process for just the tracking purpose. The customer may include the carrier or user. Different packages can be added to the app by using the package ID. The courier app will keep you updated about the progress and delivery status.

  2. Courier service providers

    These provide the full services right from the parcel pickup to the final delivery. They have their own fleet of vehicles for shipment, warehouses, logistics, and delivery vans for pickup and delivery. They even have the tracking system to provide real-time updates on the package location. This feature has already been implemented by most of the popular courier service providers.

  3. Integrated solution provider

    Here some of the businesses take the help of third-party parcel tracking companies and integrate with their own businesses to offer you a full package solution.

  4. On-demand Uber-like clone parcel delivery

    These work in local areas and deliver everything for a small fee. Popularly known as the ‘Uber for couriers’, they connect the people or customers with items to send to the delivery agents or drivers so that the items reach the destination.

-The Uber for Courier or the Courier Mobile App Development Process:

Let us see how the courier delivery app development process is designed for quick delivery of the packages. It has the same process as any other on-demand app focusing on the service requester and the service provider.

  1. Delivery request : The customer places a request for delivery of anything like food, parcel, letter or package.
  2. Accept Delivery : One of the listed delivery agents will accept the request.
  3. Pickup : The delivery agent picks up the package from the customer’s requested location.
  4. Tracking : The customer can track the progress of the parcel in real-time. The tracking service starts from the time of pick up until the time of delivery.
  5. Payments : Either the customer or the receiver pays for the delivery.
  6. Proof of delivery : The receiver provides for the proof of delivery by digital signatures or OTP.
  7. Ratings : The customer can rate and write reviews on their experience. The delivery agent even gets rated based on his performance.

This process is the same for any on-demand courier delivery app development. What differentiates it with the others are the customization and the additional features that you provide. For your services to be successful, it is necessary that you get it right from the courier mobile app development stage itself. You may hire the services of the best courier app development company so that you customize it as per your needs.

-What is the cost of the courier delivery app development?

The cost for the courier app development hinges on several factors and varies as per the customer needs and requirements. Let us briefly note down the deciding factors to calculate the cost.

  • The platform for your courier mobile app development. To be successful, it is better to plan it on both the platforms.
  • The features that are to be incorporated during the courier delivery app development process.
  • The courier app development company that you hire for the development and design.
  • The post-launch customer service that you expect from the courier app development company.
  • Whether you want a full-fledged app or an MVP (minimum viable product).

This will include only the basic features with a simple design that will manage the business.

Some of the points you should consider before you venture into the courier delivery app development:

The on-demand services are a competitive field and even if you have a business plan ready, you will have to give the best customer service by developing a user-friendly app. Also, your services should be affordable and fast so that you can score over your rivals in every aspect.

  1. Meet the local requirements first

    Dream big, but start small. Your local area is the best try because you are aware of the demographics and the requirements here. Identify your target audience and develop excellent customer relation so that you get good feedbacks that will help you to improvise and scale your business.

  2. Marketing of your app

    It is not enough if you just launch your app. Market it aggressively so that people become aware of it even before its launch. And don’t let the initial curiosity die down. Advertise your app through social media and links.

  3. Offer offers and much more

    Offers are the best incentive to lure customers to use your app. Research what type of offers would suit your target audience. And experiment with two to three different kind of offers to see which would be the best received and effective.

  4. Feedbacks

    Ratings help you to see the shortcomings in the customer service. Act immediately on the feedbacks. Don’t view the negative criticisms as a setback. Instead, think of it as a valuable lesson in customer service.

  5. Personalized messages

    Personalized messages about the offers and discounts instantly connect the customer to your app. Let it be limited and not to the point of annoying the customer.

Wrap Up:

Keep your app constantly updated. Add new features so that the customers stay in and appreciate it. Never mind with the mistakes as long as you keep learning from it. Competition is definitely fierce. The best survive the race.

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