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Taxi Booking App Development Services in Canada

Plan to create a taxi business that ensures safety through on-demand taxi apps like Lyft or Uber in Canada? As a trusted Uber-like taxi booking app development company, we will streamline the journey for you.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Fast Time-to-Market
  • Scalable and Robust
  • Multiple Payment Gateways

Our Custom Taxi App Development Services

We have a team of experienced developers who are experts in building featured-rich taxi apps for customers and drivers along with powerful Admin panel and providing all sorts of taxi app development services like-

Private Taxi Booking

Empower riders with a private taxi booking app that helps them travel from one destination to another.

Ride Sharing

We provide out-of-the-box ride-sharing services with the Uber clone app to maximize revenues and obtain greater ROI.

Car Pooling, Car Rental

Leverage our top-notch Uber-like taxi booking app development services for boosted popularity of your car pooling and car rental business in Canada.

Hire Driver

Enable riders to hire top-quality drivers from here to enjoy a ride experience like no other when traveling.

Corporate Cab Booking

Aid your corporate users to reach meetings, office, etc., on time with this corporate cab booking app.

Female-Friendly Taxi Booking

Connect female riders and drivers to one another to ensure a unique ride experience alongside gender-friendly ride services.

Get Custom-Built Taxi App Development Software

With our custom white-label taxi app solution- the Uber clone app you can serve different business needs comfortably.


With the Uber clone app; you can get your startup boosted visibility and let more riders know about your operations.

Taxi/Cab Business

Gain a competitive edge for your taxi business in Canada with our Uber-like taxi app development solutions.

Corporate Taxi Services

Manage operations for your corporate taxi services business to keep track of daily rides, and earnings made.

Delivering Cost-Effective Taxi App Solutions

We channel the best practices while delivering top-notch and cost-effective taxi app development services to ensure your taxi business in Canada delivers the best-in-line ride services through the functionalities below.

  • Social Media Login
  • Set Pick-Up Location
  • Schedule Rides
  • Cancel Booking
  • Push Notifications
  • Multiple Payments
  • View Ride History
  • ETA
  • In-App Chat/Call
  • Ratings and Reviews
Want to Build a Robust and Cost-Effective
Taxi Booking App?

Taxi Booking App Key Features

Are you a taxi startup? or do you have a taxi business in Canada operating in full gear? No matter your scale of operations, our experienced team will develop a custom taxi app solution that is at par with your needs. Have a look at the features that you must include in your app to help riders and drivers comfortably connect.

  • Schedule Booking

    Book a ride in advance adding time, date, and location to go flexibly.

    Special Requests

    Add special requests, like extra space for keeping suitcase, etc.

    Fare Estimate

    Gives riders flexibility to know fare to pay based on kilometers covered.

    Cancel Booking

    Cancel booking in case your plan for going to location by cab changes.


    Riders get information related to the time by when the ride will arrive.

    Save Location

    Avoid manually typing location by saving it to conveniently book rides.

    Promo Code

    Apply a promo code to avail of a free ride through Uber clone app.

    Rating and Review

    Provide rating & review to driver upon successful ride completion.

  • Set Availability

    Set status as online or offline to let rider know you can provide ride.

    Real-Time Request

    Receive ride requests in real-time upon rider sharing it.

    Accept/Decline Request

    Tap on this to accept or reject ride requests based on flexibility.

    Get Trip Information

    Get complete details related to rides alongside information about riders.

    Driver Dashboard

    Know the activities performed here and the earnings made too.

    Start/End Trip

    Keep the rider updated on the start or end of the trip from here.

    In-App Chat/Call

    Connect with riders through the chat/call feature in the app.

    Rate Passenger

    On basis of riders’ behavior during the ride, provide a rating to them.

  • Manage Passengers

    Update rider details and remove others not availing ride services.

    Manage Drivers

    Update details of all drivers registered on your platform.

    Vehicle Management

    Keep track of all vehicles on the platform, and update details.

    Track Rides

    Know real-time location of rides and drivers using this feature.

    Reports and Analytics

    Get details of rides made, profits generated, ratings & reviews, etc.

    Tariffs Management

    Set rate/unit distance, base fare, and waiting & cancellation charges.

    Book Manually

    Riders manually place a call so you manually book a cab.

    Manage Reviews

    Improve ride-sharing services by observing ratings of customers.

Benefits of White-Label Uber Clone App

Scale up your taxi business in Toronto, Montreal based on your and your customers’ future needs with the Uber clone app. This is because of these reasons.

Saves Time
Branding Support
Smooth User Experience

Taxi App Development Cost

When you embark on the journey of Uber or Lyft like taxi app development in Canada; cost plays a major role. To calculate this, focus on these areas.


Android or iOS; the platform you choose is integral in getting an idea of cost for taxi app development.

UI/UX Design

The user-friendly design plays a prominent role in determining the cost of building a taxi app.

Technology Stack

If the technologies have been around for a long; you need not have to pay extra for your taxi app.


Choose relevant features as the addition of irrelevant ones may lead you to pay more.

Third-Party Integration

The number of third-party integration you add to the taxi app is vital in giving an estimate of the cost.

Support and Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance will lead to spending more during Uber-like taxi app development.

Why Choose PeppyOcean as Your Taxi App Development Company?

Taxi apps are projected to bring in billion-dollar profits for taxi business startups. If you want to bring in similar revenues; partner with the best taxi app development company now.

  • User-Friendly Apps
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Reliable Services
  • 360-Degree Solutions
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