4 Popular Food Ordering And Delivery Apps For Android & IOS

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  • February 22, 2019
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If you intend to open a food ordering and delivery service, we have listed some of the best features in the popular food ordering apps for you. Many of them score in their food ordering delivery app development level. Their app has all the unique and innovative features that make food ordering experience beautiful and rich. Let us take a look at it here.

1. DoorDash

DoorDash is popular in the US and Canada and has over 110,000 restaurant menus.

•• One of the unique features incorporated during the food delivery app development in it is the notes when you enter your address. This can contain information like where to park and to call before delivering the food.

•• Another feature is the ‘suggested items’. Based on the recommendations algorithm and machine learning, they have introduced this feature so that the user gets a list of items that are popular among the crowd and based on the user preferences.

•• The decision-making is made easy with the ‘Popular Items’ feature added in the food ordering app development. This highlights a restaurant’s most popular items so that the customer knows what is best before ordering.

•• Two separate ratings are provided- one for the restaurant and one for the dasher. This feedback helps them improve their professionalism and the customer experience.

•• The dasher tracking helps the customer know the status of their order. The map shows the real-time status of the dasher’s location so that the customer always knows when the food can be expected to arrive.

•• One more feature in their food delivery app development is the inclusion of ‘pickup’. Here, the users can choose this option for no fee. This offers more flexibility, affordability and convenience.

•• For its members, it delivers free on orders priced above a certain amount.

2. UberEats

From the stable of Uber, the UberEats is available in major cities around the world. UberEats has not undermined its food ordering delivery app development and it has developed a rich enhanced user-friendly app that is simple to use and beautiful. UberEats has taken advantage of machine learning and analysis to add certain unique features in its app.

•• UberEats has a feature wherein the users can view photos of the meal before they order.

•• The users can pre-order or schedule their orders. With UberEats you can order your food a week in advance.

•• Based on the past search histories and existing contextual information, it has this ‘nearby restaurants recommendation’ feature. This allows customers to have more preference of choices and they can try new orders.

•• For the restaurant manager, it has the new analytics feature in its food ordering app development that helps them to get access to data and insights. They can thus fine-tune their food quality and optimize user satisfaction.

•• UberEats has the option to deliver even at hospitals, parks, and offices. So, now it is not just your home, food can be ordered from anywhere to everywhere.

•• The other hit feature included during the food delivery app development is the proper categorization of food items. So now you have options for gluten-free food, dietary food and so on.

•• Anytime a new user signs up using your referral as their invite code, they get some amount off on their first three orders. In addition, you get some amount off for your future orders. This referral schemes and offers are the main attractions to retain users.

3. GrubHub

This online mobile food ordering and delivery service provider is popular in the US and London and processes over 500,000 daily orders. It serves more than 16.4 million active users.

•• GrubHub has added a feature in its food ordering app development where the users can search for restaurants through a map view. This helps the users to know the accurate location of the restaurant and get an idea about the time that will be taken to fulfill the delivery.

•• The Express Reorder feature makes it easy for the diners to reorder a meal from their order history. This way they can save time on selecting and ordering the repeated meals.

•• The ‘Refer a friend’ feature in the food delivery app development enables the user to get discounts for referrals.

•• They have the ‘Gift Cards’ option where the user can send gift cards of any amount to their loved ones. The gift cards can even be customized with messages.

•• If your favorite restaurant is not on GrubHub, you can even enter all the information about the restaurant on the app. They assure you that someone from GrubHub will contact the restaurant.

•• To make users more eco-friendly, you can decline napkins and plasticware at the time of checkout.

4. Swiggy

Swiggy has delivered because it is more concentrated on the delivery side. It has its own fleet of delivery boys. It is facing fierce competition from Zomato. In the case of Zomato, the delivery is done by the restaurant.

•• It has the Swiggy POP feature that allows the user to order small meals to be consumed by one person. This provides affordability and the food doesn’t go waste. Also, it doesn’t carry any delivery charges.

•• Its business model is more about the delivery side. They list the restaurants based on the user location, delivery hub location and the availability of delivery boys. In case there are no delivery boys at that given point of time, they display a message that their delivery boys are busy and you can come later.

•• Since Swiggy manages the delivery, the restaurant need not have the ‘minimum food to be ordered’ clause. This makes it more attractive to users since they can order any minimum food also.

•• It has the Swiggy Select feature added in the food ordering app development, where cashback is guaranteed if you do not receive the order on time.

•• One feature that is a hit is its ‘Veg only’ filter parameter. This allows the user to search only the vegetarian restaurants in their locality.

•• The other filters in the search feature are the trending restaurants, newly opened restaurants, restaurants that provide free delivery and so on.

Why you need the services of the best food ordering delivery app development company?

Any successful on-demand business hinges on its app. It is the core connection between the service provider and the customer. Only the best food ordering delivery app development company can provide you with an app that is simple in navigation, user-friendly and has all the features incorporated seamlessly.

Here we checkout

In this age of stiff competition, you need to stand out from the rest. The popular food delivery services and their apps act as a learning source for many entrepreneurs interested in having their own food ordering and delivery services.

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