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RideIn - on demand taxi app

About Project

Making booking a cab a breeze for Canadians is this taxi booking app, RideIn, created by mobile app development experts at PeppyOcean. Users first need to register using their email to be able to book cabs. They can find a list of their completed trips. The detailed route map displays their location on the trip. Simply put, it displays how much the trip has progressed. The estimated fare is also displayed once the user enters the destination. It gives opportunity for commuters to enjoy luxurious rides at affordable rates. The easy to use yet interactive interface keeps the users engaged and motivates them to keep using the app for booking their rides. It is also easy for drivers to view information and feedback on their completed rides.

cab booking app


  • Effortless Login/Register (Mobile Number & Email)
  • Enter pickup & drop location & check nearest drivers on Google maps
  • Multiple vehicle selection
  • Check particular vehicle along with price
  • Book cab now or schedule later
  • Driver’s ETA to reach customer location
  • Real time tracking (GPS)
  • In-app & 3rd Party payment gateway
  • Automatic fare calculation
  • Push notifications and messaging
  • Panic button in case of emergency
  • Offers & Promo Codes management
  • Reviews, Rating & Comments to driver
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