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on demand doctor app

About Project

Crafted in coordination with medical experts, this online doctor booking app is useful for doctors as well as patients. Using this app, users can easily find a doctor based on specialty. The best thing about this app is that it lets user’s access medical services right at the comfort of their home at the time desired. After the initial registration, it will be very easy for users or prospective patients to book for a doctor. The easy to use interface has been created keeping in mind the level of knowledge of users. The app displays detailed information about the doctors including their qualification and experience. Though it is simple to use, the information which can be fed into is comprehensive.

doctor finder


  • Signin/Signup with mobile or social media
  • Google map integration
  • View nearest doctors & clinics
  • Explore the huge range of doctors as per specialists
  • Filter doctor list as per specialist, rates & fees
  • Book an appointment of doctor or clinic
  • Track doctor or clinic location
  • In-app chat or call option
  • Cancel or reschedule the appointment
  • Push notifications and email alerts
  • Review & Rating to doctor or clinic
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