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Food ordering app

About Project

This impeccable app has been created to help users treat their taste buds at convenience with their favorite food. The easy and interactive interface lets users order food in just a few steps. The user as well as the administrator will find it easy to enter and modify information within the app. Though it is a simple app on the front-end, it helps to input extensive data in the back-end of the app. Users can not only order food online but also book tables at their favorite restaurants. The app provides detailed information to users about the dishes available along with their rates. It also helps users as well as owners run promos. With all the information available, users can easily place order and get dishes of their choice right at their doorstep.

on demand food ordering app

Food Ordering App Features

  • Signup/Signing with an email, mobile & social media
  • Check & Find nearest restaurants
  • Explore a wide range of restaurants as per menus
  • Check all restaurant & menu’s details
  • Filter restaurants by cuisines or menus
  • Book your food with customization option
  • In-app & 3rd Party payment integration
  • Real time tracking of order to delivery
  • Continually push notifications
  • Offers & Promo code management
  • Restaurant rating & reviews
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